• Composting
    What goes in? What doesn't?


    January 26 to 30th between 12pm and 2pm SSMU Environment Committee members will be situated in the cafeteria to answer any burning composting questions you may have. Furthermore, we will be hosting a social media competition to spread to love of composting. See you in the Cafe!

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  • Jobs at the SSMU

    Jobs at the SSMU

    SSMU offers a broad range of opportunities from large event planning to publication projects. What’s in it for you working at the SSMU? Flexibility with schedules, substantial job experience and access to dedicated professionals supporting your initiatives.

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  • SSMU Minicourses
    Registration ends on Friday January 30th

    SSMU Minicourses

    Learn a new skill, language, or discover a new artistic talent with one of our affordable extra-curricular classes! Hurry, classes are filling up!

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  • Old McGIll Yearbook

    Old McGIll Yearbook

    In publication since 1898, the Old McGill Yearbook is a must-have item for all graduating students. Preserve your memories for a lifetime with the 2015 hard-cover edition of the yearbook and become part of McGill history!

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  • Graduation Photos!
    Capture your great achievement for a lifetime of memories with Lassman Studios Photography.

    Graduation Photos!

    Don't miss this great opportunity for Professional Graduation Portraits!

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  • We offer support

    We offer support

    We are here to speak out your interests and needs.

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  • About Us
    About Us

    About Us

    Every downtown undergraduate student in the downtown campus is a member of SSMU.

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Statement Regarding the 2014-15 Joint Board-Senate Meeting

The background reading, questions, and panelist listing for the McGill 2014-15 Joint Board-Senate Meeting of Tuesday, November 4th were circulated to Senators on Friday, October 31st. The contents of these materials were heavily focused on industry partnerships and economic development. This was exemplified by the inclusion of panelists such as the director of research from...

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SSMU President’s Thoughts on the October GA

In the weeks leading up to and following the October General Assembly (GA), my email inbox has been flooded, my phone has been ringing off the hook, and my days have consisted of back to back meetings. To be honest, while this has been incredibly overwhelming, this has also been pretty amazing. Logistically, there were...

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Update RE: Injunction Filed Against the SSMU

Update RE: Injunction Filed Against the SSMU MONTREAL, QUEBEC (October 11 2014) – As of October 8 2014, the injunction filed by M. Tariq Khan and his lawyers against the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) was officially dropped by Tariq Khan and his lawyers. Please follow this link for the confirmation by the Superior...

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The Student Society of McGill University (SSMU) is disturbed by the breaking reports of the charging of a member of the McGill Redmen football team with uttering threats, armed robbery, and aggravated assault relating to an incident of domestic violence. McGill’s immediate suspension of the player reflects McGill’s willingness to suspend the assumption of innocence...

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Important Information Insurance Opt-Outs

McGill University tuition fees, including the SSMU Plan fee, are due on Aug. 29, 2014. Students who opt-out between Aug. 21 – 26, 2014 will have the Plan fee reversed from their student account by the tuition fee payment deadline. Students who complete an opt-out between Aug. 27 – Sept. 29, 2014 will have the...

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    Check out what is happening at the University Centre today!

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