About Us
About Us

Your student union.

Every downtown undergraduate student in the downtown campus is a member of SSMU.

About Us

The SSMU stands for the Students’ Society of McGill University! We are your student union.

Every undergraduate at McGill is a member of the SSMU. We are here to speak out for you and advocate for your interests. On the local university levels, this means being your representation to the McGill administration.  We work hard for fairer academic justice processes, better quality instruction, and better services for students. On the broader level, we are also strong advocates for accessible quality public education.

We speak up and organize students for better public funding, and against unsustainable tuition fee increases. We also aim to provide you with everything you might need during your time here at McGill that isn’t provided by the University itself. Here are a few highlights of what the SSMU does for you…

  1. SSMU leases and operates the University Centre through a wide array of clubs, services and events, thus establishing this building as the centre of student life on campus;
  2. SSMU supports close to 300 clubs by providing them with funding, phone and internet access, office space and conference rooms;
  3. The SSMU fully funds and administers 15 student services;
  4. The SSMU publishes 6,000 free copies of its student handbook and oversees the publication of Old McGill, our university yearbook;
  5. The SSMU runs Gerts Bar, The Nest (Student Run Cafe) the SSMU Daycare, and Minicourses;
  6. The SSMU throws the some of best parties in Montréal such as 4 floors, Homecoming, White Week, and SSMU Frosh;
  7. The SSMU actively lobbies the Provincial and Federal Governments to ensure that accessible and high quality education is a priority.
  8. The SSMU represents its students on over 30 University committees to make sure that your voices and concerns are heard;
  9. The SSMU operates a supplementary health and dental insurance plan with ASEQ to make health care more affordable for its members;
  10. The SSMU created reading week at McGill in 1992;
  11. The SSMU allowed for course evaluations to be accessible to students in 1992;
  12. The SSMU assured that the University would accommodate religious holy days in 1996; and
  13. The SSMU created a committee of Senate on Ancillary services in 2005;
  14. The SSMU created a successful Student-Run Café called The Nest in the University Centre in 2014.

We want our members to become more involved and active in our organization! There is a way to get involved with student life at McGill for every level of commitment, interest and experience. If you’re not sure exactly what you want to do, browse the links below or contact someone who does work on something that interests you. And remember, getting involved is easy, whether it is volunteering to staff an event or joining a committee, the road from first year to all degrees of involvement  is all about seeking out opportunities and making it happen! Never hesitate to ask questions.


To find a club, visit our club directory or if you want to start a club, visit here for more information.


Have a question about academic policy? Want to get involved with University Committees or to find out what’s going on between SSMU and the University? Please contact the VP University Affairs.

SSMU Committees

There are committees for every interest and they can be found on the Council page. Contact the Executive who is responsible for the committee for more information.

Events Planning

  1. You can join the Students’ Society Programming Network (SSPN);
  2. Become a server at events;
  3. Volunteer and staff events.

For more information or to get involved, email the VP Internal.

Faculty Associations

  1. Arts (AUS);
  2. Engineering (EUS);
  3. Management (MUS);
  4. Music (MUSA);
  5. Science (SUS);
  6. Medicine (MSS);
  7. Nursing (NUS);
  8. Education (EdUS);
  9. Law (LSA).

The Off-Campus Community

Contact the VP External to see what volunteering and community engagement opportunities are available.

SSMU Executive and Policy

Visit Elections McGill for information on running for a position. You can also find more information on changing SSMU policy here and here.