Funding for Student Groups

Funding Applications are now open for the Fall from Sept. 21 to December 1st.

Important Announcement: The Funding Application Process Has Changed

Over the past year, we have reviewed the funding application process and determined that there is a need to streamline the application and the disbursement methods. Through student feedback, we have created a Funding Handbook that provides an overview of the funding process and have launched a dedicated Funding Application Portal.

We have developed a Funding Application Portal that allows groups to register only once, collaborate on, and view all applications in one place. This portal will give you up to date information as to the status of your application and will also contain a module for post-funding reports. We will NOT accept any applications via email. Register for the Funding Application Portal here.

Note: Like any good secret club, the location of the SSMU Funding Application Portal will only be revealed to those with a magical key. The key will only be given to you when you registerPlease do not email the Funding Commissioner saying you cannot find the Portal; it is undiscoverable to those without a key.

Applying for Funding: A Step by Step Guide

  1. Read the Funding Handbook to get a sense of the overall process.
  2. Register for the Funding Application Portal (only once per group!) and find your zen (or other funding opportunities!) while you wait for your login.
  3. Self-reflect and decide which Fund’s mandates speak to your soul (and align with your initiative, of course).
  4. Complete your Event/Project Specific and Annual/Operating Budgets.
  5. Receive the magical key (read: login instructions) to the mystical land of the SSMU Funding Application Portal and complete your application.
  6. Click Submit and continue to find your zen (or join one of our 200+ clubs!) as you wait for a decision.
  7. Receive your decision and prepare your Second Installment or Post Funding Report (Make sure you’ve kept all of your receipts and have given us a sponsorship shoutout!).
  8. Congratulations! You’ve completed the SSMU Funding Process! Repeat Steps 3-7 for all subsequent applications.

Required Readings

The documents below include tips, tricks, and common mistakes we find in applications. It is highly recommended that you review these documents before submitting your application.

Sample budgets have also been created for your convenience. Please use these templates when submitting your application.

For specific regulations pertaining to Funding, please see the Internal Regulations of Finances (-05: Funding Committee)

Funding Commissioner Office Hours

The Funding Commissioner will have office hours on Fridays from 2-5pm. You are also welcome to email them ( to arrange an alternate appointment. However, we advise you to review the Funding FAQs page first as it answers majority of questions we tend to receive.

Other Funding Opportunities

Our friends at the McGill Office of Sustainability keep an up to date list of other sources of financial support for student projects and initiatives. Head on over to find a host of other resources to help you out!