SSMU Committees

SSMU Committees are governed by the Committee Terms of Reference Book 2016-09-15 These outline the mandate, membership, and processes of each Committee. See the contact information on the Committee page for each respective committee and how often they typically meet.

Committee Meeting Frequency Members Contact
Accountability Approx. bi-weekly Staff, Elected & Members-at-Large SpeakerParliamentarian
Affaires Francophones Discretion Elected, Staff & Members-at-Large Francophone Commissioners.
Building and Operations Management Committee (BOMCOM) Bi-weekly Elected, Staff, & Members-at-Large VP Operations
Community Engagement Approx. bi-weekly Elected & Staff Community Engagement Commissioner
Environment Approx. bi-weekly Elected, Staff & Members-at-Large Environment Commissioner
Equity Approx. bi-weekly Elected, Staff & Members-at-large Equity Commissioner
External Affairs Approx. bi-weekly Elected, Members-at-Large VP External Affairs
Financial Ethics Research Weekly Elected, Staff & Members-at-large Financial Ethic Research Commissioner
Funding Weekly Elected, Staff & Members-at-large Funding Commissioner
Club Weekly Elected, Staff & Members-at-Large Club Committee Coordinator
Library Improvement Fund Discretion Elected, Staff & Members-at-Large Library Improvement Fund Coord
Mental Health Approx. monthly Elected, Staff & Stakeholders Mental Health Coordinator
Nominating Needs Basis Elected General Manager
Operations Management Approx. bi-weekly Elected, Staff & Members-at-Large VP Finance
Service Review Approx. bi-weekly Elected & Members-at-Large VP Student Life
 SSPN (Events) Weekly Elected & Members-at-Large VP Internal
Steering Weekly Elected President