You can read about each Executive below and about Executive Contracts and job descriptions 2015-2016.

Executives 2016-2017 Goals

Organigram 2016-2017

VP  Operations - Sacha Magder


VP University Affairs - Erin Sobat


Sacha is responsible for managing the Shatner building, sustainability concerns, and revenue-generating operations (such as Gerts).

Where are you from? Montreal (Fun fact: every school I’ve ever been to has been located on Sherbrooke!).

What do you study and what year are you in? U3 Honours Biochemistry.

What is the one thing you wish you knew as a first-year student? Knowing where all the underground tunnels are (ESPECIALLY in January).

Anything else you’d like to mention? If you’ve got suggestions / comments about SSMU operations or the SSMU building, I’d love to hear them – drop by the SSMU office during office hours or send me an email!

Winter drop-in hours: Wednesday 3-5pm


Erin advocates for student interests at all levels of university governance, including through coordinating student representation to the Senate and its committees, overseeing equity initiatives and complaints, and researching and consulting on policy solutions.

Where are you from? Edmonton, Alberta.

What do you study and what year are you in? I’m in my fifth year in History and East Asian Studies.

What is the one thing you wish you knew as a first-year student? Get off campus and explore the city! Buy a bike or an OPUS Card, and you’ll be surprised at how much your sense of distance shrinks. Don’t let the cold or the study grind keep you from experiencing all that Montreal has to offer.

Winter drop-in hours: Thursday 10-12pm


VP Finance - Niall Carolan


VP Student Life Elaine Patterson


As the Chief Financial Officer of the Society, Niall is charged with ensuring the long-term and administrative stability of SSMU. In cooperation with the General Manager, they prepare the annual budget, manage human resources, and oversee the insurance plan.

Where are you from? New Westminster, British Columbia.

What do you study and what year are you in? I’m a fourth year Strategic Management and Accounting student.

What is the one thing you wish you knew as a first-year student? That there is no substitute for genuine passion in what you’re learning.

Winter drop-in hours: Wednesday 2-4pm




Elaine is the point person for internal relations between SSMU and its clubs, services, and independent student groups. They are also responsible for mental health promotion, collaborating with Student Services, and addressing issues of student life on campus.

Where are you from? I am from a suburb outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

What do you study and what year are you in? I am a U3 in the Faculty of Arts majoring in English Literature and double minoring in Communication Studies and French Language.

What is the one thing you wish you knew as a first-year student? I’ll be the first person to say that getting involved on campus is extremely important, but I will say that as a first-year student I wish I explored Montreal so much more! From people who are Montreal natives to people who are setting foot in the city for the first time, I think there is something for everyone outside of the “McGill bubble” to enjoy.

Anything else you’d like to mention? My years at McGill thus far have been educational in all senses of the word. While I have learned a lot academically, I think it’s important to remember that your experiences outside the classroom are just as valuable. Don’t let your GPA hold you back from hanging at Gert’s on a weeknight or participating in a SSMU club; you’ll learn more about yourself and meet new people in the process!

Winter drop-in hours: Tuesday 10-12pm | Friday 10am-12pm



VP Internal Affairs - Daniel Lawrie



Daniel is chiefly in charge of communication and creating a sense of community with the student body through event-planning (such as 4Floors and Frosh) and communications (such as the listserv).

Where are you from? I moved to the Montreal from the Philippines! I spent my last four years of high school there and had moved around a lot before that. I was born in London and then moved to Hong Kong, Virginia, Tokyo, Singapore, Paris, Manila, then now here to Montreal. Home for me though is Singapore where my family moved after I graduated from high school.

What do you study and what year are you? I’m entering my third year at McGill studying Materials Engineering.

Winter drop-in hours: Tuesday 2-4pm | Thursday 10-12pm


End of Year Report 2015-2016

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