Executive Contracts 2017-2018

Organigram 2017-2018

President - Muna Tojiboeva 

The President is the chief officer of SSMU, responsible for determining the vision of the Society, coordinating and supporting the activities of the other Executive Officers, and representing student interests on various university governance bodies.

From: Tashkent, Uzbekistsan

Studies: Political Science and Sociology


VP Student Life - Jemark Earle

The VP Student Life is the point person for internal relations between SSMU and its clubs, services, and independent student groups. They are also responsible for mental health promotion, collaborating with Student Services, and addressing issues of student life on campus.

From: Toronto, Ontario

Studies: Saxophone Performance


VP  Operations – Vacant

The VP Operations is responsible for managing the Shatner building, sustainability concerns, and revenue-generating operations (such as Gerts).


VP University Affairs - Isabelle Oke

The VP University Affairs advocates for student interests at all levels of university governance, including through coordinating student representation to the Senate and its committees, overseeing equity initiatives and complaints, and researching and consulting on policy solutions.

From: Pickering, Ontario

Studies: Linguistics and Political Science


VP Finance - Arisha Khan

As the Chief Financial Officer of the Society, the VP Finance is charged with ensuring the long-term and administrative stability of SSMU. In cooperation with the General Manager, they prepare the annual budget, manage human resources, and oversee the insurance plan.

From: Toronto, Ontario

Studies: International Development Studies


VP Internal Affairs - Maya Koparkar

The VP Internal is chiefly in charge of communication and creating a sense of community with the student body through event-planning (such as 4Floors and Frosh) and communications (such as the listserv).

From: Mississauga, Ontario and Genk, Belgium

Studies: International Development Studies


VP External - Connor Spencer

The VP External is in charge of coordinating SSMU’s relations with various levels of government, student associations, community groups, and campus labour unions; as well as managing political campaigns and mobilization efforts.

From: Kemptville, Ontario

Studies: German Language and Literature


End of Year Report 2015-2016

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