Full-Time Staff

The SSMU employs full-time staff to run the SSMU’s day-to-day activities. All of the staff report to the General Manager, who in turn reports to the SSMU Executive.

Ryan Hughes (General Manager)

Ryan is responsible for the SSMU’s Administration, Governance, Corporate Obligations, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, Business Operations and Legal Affairs! Ryan has been with the SSMU in various positions since 2012.

Wallace Sealy (Security Manager)

Wallace handles day-to-day and event-specific security in the Shatner Building. He has worked at the SSMU since 2004.

Zachary Kay (Graphic Designer Supervisor)

Zachary handles the graphic design demand for the SSMU events, meetings, conferences, publications, website and digital media since 2014.

Wendy Gamboa (Communication and Publication Manager)

Wendy plans and oversees communications at the SSMU and manages the yearbook, handbook, sponsorship and translation teams.

Josée Couture, CPA, CA (Comptroller)

Josée oversees the SSMU accounting department, manages the budget, works closely with the auditors, and helps oversee the operations. She has worked at the SSMU since 2012.

Marcela Pachon  (Accounting Technician)

Marcela records all accounting information in the systems.. You might work with her if a project of yours is receiving external funding or if your SSMU project is being reimbursed for event costs by partner organizations.

Cynthia Laramé (Payroll Specialist)

Cynthia manages payroll along with managers and answers related employee inquiries. She is at the SSMU 2 days per week since 2014.

Jing Men (Accounting Analyst)

Jing isresponsible for accounting tasks such as month-end, budget variance analysis, financial statements preparation, bank reconciliation and cheque issuance. She has worked at the SSMU since August 2014

Valentina Bashkatova (Accounting Technician)

Valentina controls, tracks, and processes the money coming into SSMU. She/He also assists the Comptroller in completing Financial Statements. You might work with her if a project of yours is receiving external funding or if your SSMU project is being reimbursed for event costs by partner organizations.

Kibi Zhu  (Human Resources Manager)

Kibi Zhu provides human resources advice and expertise, develops and implements procedures and processes, applies programs and policies for all SSMU regular and casual staff members.

Jennifer Thach (Front Desk Receptionist)

Jennifer handles general questions from students and visitors, helps clubs and services with forms and procedures and manages the mail and posters.

John Campbell (Systems Administrator)

John manages the SSMU server and email and responds to any other IT need. He has worked at the SSMU since 2008.

Alessandro Sangiovanni (Operations Director)

Working at SSMU since 2013, Alessandro is responsible for Gerts Bar operations and he administrates all events occurring in the Shatner Building.He produces sales reports, hires staff, plans and purchases supplies, prepares budgets and monitors the operations’ financial performance.

Daycare Administrator


The following staff make up our team of Porters: Jose Rego since 1986, Jose Frade since 1988, Brian Kennish since 2015.

Porters work in the Shatner Building taking care of the maintenance of the building, which consists of, but not limited to, cleaning, painting and furniture moving.