The voting members of SSMU’s Legislative Council comprise thirty councillors elected by specific constituencies, including school and faculty associations and councils representing particular student demographics, and the 6 SSMU Executives. The Speakers, Parliamentarian, General Manager, and Recording Secretary are non-voting members.

Councillors’ primary responsibility is to represent the interests of their constituencies in SSMU governance. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your representatives!

This year’s representatives are:





Image Constituency Name Bio & Email Address
8.Kia-Kouyoumjian Arts Kia Kouyoumjian
 Photo-coming-soon Arts Catherine Jeffery
 10.Isabella-Anderson Arts Isabella Anderson
 17.-Maria-Thomas Arts Maria Thomas
 19.Jerry Jiang Arts and Science Jerry Jiang
Photo-coming-soon Athletics Yue Jiao
 Photograph-Councilor-Adam-Templer-05-2015-2016 Clubs Adam Templer
 4.Buland-Junejo Clubs Buland Junejo
 13.Leonard-Nassani Dentistry Leonard Nassani dentistryrep@ssmu.mcgillca
 Photo-coming-soon Education Marco Sgro
 11.-Richard-(Tre)-Mansdoerfer Engineering Richard (Tre) Mansdoerfer
 21 Tristan Renondin Engineering Tristan Renondin
 36 Tuviere Okome Environment Tuviere Okome
Photo-coming-soon First Year Council (FYC) Kevin Zhou
 1.Romita-Sur Law Romita Sur
Ellen-ChenCouncillors-Photos Law Ellen Chen
 Photo-coming-soon Management Lambert Lefebvre
 7.Mariam-Madwar Management Mariam Madwar
 37 Jake Prillo Medicine Jake Prillo
  Music (Vacant)
 30 Nursing Mckenzie Gingrich-Hadley
Hey cats! My name is Mckenzie, and I’m a U2 Nursing student from Calgary, AB. I’m big on mountains, midnight kitchen, biking in Montreal, Facebook cactus stickers and travelling. I’m very much looking forwards to representing nursing students and their concerns on SSMU, and communicating all of the great things happening on campus back to you. Student government and involvement are a few of my favorite things, and I love chatting with new people, so I encourage anyone who has questions/suggestions/ideas/thoughts about anything going on in Nursing, the wider McGill community, or why Christmas music isn’t acceptable in August to get in touch with me!
 Photo-coming-soon PT/OT Rachel Medvedev
 Photo-coming-soon Residences Olivia Fiona Borgia
 38.Anoosh-Poorian Science Anoosh Poorian
 18.Caitlin-Mehrotra Science Caitlin Mehrotra
  Science Sarah Wu
 27.Joshua-Chin Senate Caucus Joshua Chin  
 6.William-Cleveland Senate Caucus William Cleveland
33.Kahli-Ann-Douglas Services Kahli-Ann Douglas
  Social Work (Vacant)
Non-Voting Members of Council
Position Name Email Address
15.Udita-Samuel Speaker Udita Samuel
32.-Victor-Percoco Parliamentarian Victor Percoco
Photo-coming-soon Recording Secretary Lauria Galbraith
Photo-coming-soon General Manager Ryan Hughes