There are thirteen Student Senators representing the undergraduate student body on the University-level, including on the McGill University Senate, which is the governing body of the University in charge of academic matters. Each Senator was elected by their respective constituents (usually the undergraduate students in a specific faculty) for a one-year term. Senators also sit on various committees of Senate and the University. To learn more about the Senate and undergraduate representation at the university level, please click in the following link .

To send an email to all Senators, direct your message to Note that since the SSMU President and VP University Affairs are also senators, emails sent to this address will also reach them. For individual Senator’s emails, please refer to the list below.

All thirteen Senators convene every Monday at 6:30 PM in the SSMU Office for the weekly Senate Caucus meeting, where they strategize and discuss the state of their various advocacy efforts, meetings, and personal/working group projects. These meetings are open to the public: any student can come, either just to observe or to bring up a topic that concerns student life in general to the attention of Senators. Before coming, please notify the University Affairs Secretary General by sending an email to

The Board of Governors

The President of the SSMU occupies the sole undergraduate seat on the McGill University Board of Governors. The Board of Governors is the highest governing body of the University, and unlike Senate, it is more focused on issues that are relevant to McGill as a corporation. Board members (called “Fellows”) must sit on a committee of the Board. This year, the President sits on CAMSR (Committee to Advise on Matters of Social Responsibility).

University Committees

More detailed aspects of the McGill Senate’s work take place in various committees of Senate and other University-level committees. To see a list of all committees with undergraduate representation, please click here.




Image Constituency Name Email Address
 9.Casarina-Hocevar Arts Casarina Hocevar
 6.William-Cleveland Arts William Cleveland
Charles-Keita Arts Charles Keita
3.Guy-Ettlin Arts & Science Guy Ettlin
Amanda-Montaque Education Amanda Montaque
 5.Alexander-Dow Engineering Alexander Dow
 2.Shannon-Snow Law Shannon Snow
 Alexandre-Perron Management Alexandre Perron
 27.Joshua-Chin Medicine Joshua Chin
 28 Mitchel Russo. Music Mitchel Russo
 Sean-Taylor Science Sean Taylor
  MacDonald Campus (MCSS) Jade Corriveau
26.Erin-Sobat VP University Affairs Erin Sobat