Old McGill Yearbook

Old McGill

Ever since it was first published in 1898, the Old McGill Yearbook has captured the life of McGill and its students. This year, the Old McGill continues the tradition of chronicling the major events, clubs, and activities that occur on campus and in students’ lives. The yearbook features not only the things that have made Old McGill a staple for the past graduating classes of McGill (such as the pages of beautiful, high-quality photographs) but will prominently feature quotes from people throughout the McGill community that provide a much more personal record of the year. Featuring detailed description of events in the words of McGill students themselves, the yearbook’s iteration of Old McGill promises to be something truly special, an essential piece of memorabilia for all graduating students, their families, and alumni past and present.

The last edition of the yearbook was 2015-2016 (119 volume)

Collection of Old McGill Yearbooks

Feel like strolling through decades of Old McGill Yearbooks gone by? Click here and see what student life was like!

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