Clubs & Services
Clubs & Services

Get involved.

The SSMU has over 200 student groups to join.

Clubs & Services


Get involved!

For over 100 years, the SSMU has been representing students and students interests on the downtown McGill campus.  By 1953, hundreds of students were attending fall Activities Night – a night to explore and signup for clubs and services – with more than 150 clubs present. Today, SSMU has over 250 active student clubs, services, and independent student groups.

From Muggle Quidditch, to political groups, to the University Student Sled Riders, to the Muslim Students Association, the SSMU has a club for pretty much everyone. Starting a new club is as simple as finding ten like-minded students. A full list of the SSMU clubs, both interm and full status, are available in the Clubs Listing and many have offices on the fourth floor of the Shatner University Center.

Clubs are “interest groups,” or groups of students with a shared passion — whether a particular political cause, sport, hobby, or anything really — while SSMU Services are operated as services for all SSMU members (all McGill undergraduates!) to use, but are also great ways to get involved if you are interested in volunteering for a SSMU Service!


The SSMU’s Clubs and Services are administered by the SSMU Vice-President (Clubs & Services), with the help of the Interest Group Coordinator, reachable at The VP C&S is available by email at, or through appointment or office hours in the SSMU Office in the Shatner University Center.