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Clubs & Services

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The SSMU has over 200 student groups to join.

Clubs & Services

Clubs and services


The Student Life portfolio can be divided into three major sections – managing relationships with student groups and overseeing Family Care and Mental Health projects.

The Student Life portfolio oversees 230+ clubs, 20 Services, and 10 Independent Student Groups.  This involves providing support and information to these groups through provided resources and opportunities that will facilitate the operations of these groups.

Learn more about the structure of the portfolio through the Internal Regulations of the Clubs and Services portfolio.


For students who are interested in getting involved with the portfolio, there are countless ways to do so – from getting involved directly with a club, service, or independent student group to helping to direct the governance of the portfolio.  For students interested in the logistics and governance of the portfolio, consider joining one of the following committees:

  • Interest Group Committee: The SSMU Interest Group Committee is the body responsible for reviewing applications for new clubs and making recommendations to SSMU’s Legislative Council on which groups to grant club status to.  This committee reserves two seats for members-at-large and two seats for members of club executives – contact the Club Committee Coordinator at to inquire about sitting on this committee.
  • Services Review Committee: The Services Review Committee is responsible for conducting reviews of SSMU’s 20 Services throughout the year to ensure that they are meeting the needs of students.  If you are interested in being one of the members at large on the Services Review Committee, contact the Vice-President (Clubs and Services) at
  • Funding Committee: While Funding Committee is part of the Finance and Operations portfolio, membership on this committee is an excellent choice for anyone interested in SSMU’s relationship with student groups.  The Funding Committee is responsible for disbursing funding from student fees to student groups on campus to support a variety of events and initiatives.  Contact the Funding Coordinator at to inquire about becoming one of two members-at-large on the committee.


The Student Life portfolio is administered by the Vice-President (Student Life) along with a number of support staff.  Get in touch with the Vice-President (Student Life) directly at with questions, comments, or to learn more about how to get involved in the governance of the portfolio.

Feel free to drop by the office hours of the Vice-President (Student Life) to make any inquiries about the portfolio.  You can check the drop-in hours here.

You can also learn more about the portfolio through the portfolio Facebook page!