About Clubs and Services

Student groups represent a significant part of the operations and programming of the SSMU.  With 230+ Clubs, 20 student-run Services, and 10 Independent Student Groups, students have a wealth of opportunities to get involved and become a part of the campus community.


Clubs are interest groups, representing a wide variety of hobbies, interests, and causes, all of which are run entirely by other undergraduate students.  While the commitment level varies from club to club, the involvement of members in any given club can range from attending weekly meetings and volunteering on a regular basis to attending an event once or twice a semester.  Clubs allow you to customize exactly how you want to be involved and how much time you want to devote to student life.

SSMU’s 230+ clubs fall into ten different categories, all representing a wide variety of interests on campus:

  • Athletics and Recreation: These groups represent the sports and fitness activities that you won’t find through intramurals or anywhere else on campus! Quidditch, anyone?
  • Community Outreach and Volunteering: Community outreach and volunteering clubs are groups that generally have relationships with other organizations in the Montreal community and facilitate volunteer opportunities for their members.  Joining one of these clubs is a great way to see other parts of the city and get out of the McGill bubble!
  • Charity and Environment: These clubs raise money and awareness for a wide variety of charitable and environmental causes.  SSMU hosts chapters of most major charitable organizations, which gives students the opportunity to support a cause they’re passionate about.
  • Health and Wellness: Students interested in mental health, physical health, fitness, or healthcare systems can find everything they’re looking for among the Health and Wellness clubs.  From helping to promote mental health and self-care to travelling internationally to volunteer with a mobile medical clinic, the Health and Wellness groups have it all!
  • Language and Publications: Interested in journalism or in honing your writing, editing, or design ability?  SSMU has a number of clubs that regularly produce their own publications on topics ranging from feminism and gender equality to science and technology to the indie music scene in Montreal!
  • Leisure Activity and Hobby:  If you want to pick up a new skill or just meet a group of people with similar interests, Leisure Activity and Hobby clubs represent a wide range of interests – from groups interested in brewing (and drinking) beer, wine, and tea to a chocolate appreciation club!
  • Networking and Leadership Development: Networking and Leadership Development clubs are the place to go for professional development and honing new skills to build your resume.  You can learn to public speak, meet contacts in industries you’re interested in, and start building your network with any one of these clubs!
  • Performing and Fine Arts: Even without a Fine Arts program at McGill, these groups more than pick up the slack! From choirs and a cappella groups to theatre troupes, singers, dancers, actors, musicians, and artists will find their place in one of our Performing and Fine Arts clubs.
  • Political and Social Activism: Whether you’re a future politician or want to advocate for a cause you’re passionate about, Political and Social Activism clubs will provide you with the opportunity to get involved in the political party of your choice or to promote and lobby for your cause!
  • Religion and Culture: If you’re looking for a taste of home or just want to learn about a new culture, SSMU hosts countless groups that conduct programming related to a wide variety of religious and culture backgrounds.

To learn more about the SSMU clubs available to students, find a comprehensive list of all clubs through the Club Listing.


In addition to a host of clubs, SSMU also operates 20 student-run Services, which provide a wide range of services and resources to the student body.

Unlike clubs, where students sign up to become members of a particular group, Services operate without formal membership lists because any McGill student is able to access the resources provided by all of the Services.  Despite not being able to be a general member of a Service, SSMU Services offer countless opportunities for becoming a volunteer and serving the student body.

Services are financially part of the SSMU, and many of them are funded by their own fee-levy.  Others receive funds allocated from the SSMU budget. The budgets for these Services are approved every year by SSMU Council and are created in collaboration with the members of the services themselves.

SSMU’s 20 Services and the resources, services, advocacy and awareness they provide to and for students are very diverse – from teaching people how to fix their bike at the Flat Bike Collective to becoming an on-campus responder with the McGill Students’ Emergency Response Team (M-SERT) to becoming a helpline or drop-in services volunteer at the Sexual Assault Centre, involvement in SSMU Services is an excellent way to give back to the McGill community.

To learn more about the different Services to students offered by the SSMU, consult the Services Listing


SSMU also has a relationship with a number of independent student groups, which are groups existing on campus outside of the SSMU structure.

These groups are larger than the average club and have very distinct governance structures, often being incorporated as not-for-profit organizations.

Currently, the SSMU has a formal affiliation with ten independent student groups, ranging from a radio station to campus publications to sustainability initiatives – browse the ISG listing.