About Clubs

The SSMU has close to 300 student groups to get involved with, including:

  • Artistic, Musical and Dance clubs
  • Charitable Clubs
  • Environmental clubs
  • Networking and Leadership Development clubs
  • Media and Publications
  • Religious, Cultural and Linguistic clubs
  • Social Activism and Political clubs
  • Wellness, Athletics and Recreation clubs

A few examples include Debating Union, Queer McGill, Muslim Students Association, Cancer Society, Quidditch Club…the list goes on!

Don’t forget you can also get involved with any of the SSMU’s 20 services, which are all volunteer-run!

What is an interim vs. full status club?

Interium Status Clubs

New clubs apply for interim status.

Interim status clubs can: apply for funding through the Campus Life Fund,

  • book rooms in the Shatner Building at no cost
  • Participate in Activities Night at no cost
  • Get a a mailbox and webspace

Interim status clubs may apply for full status after three months.

Full Status Clubs

Full Status clubs have additional privileges of be able to:

  • apply for funding directly from SSMU
  • apply for office space.

You can apply to create a club here.