Services Listing

Both SSMU and McGill provide services to students. These services provide support, referrals, and resources to countless students. Below you will find the list of SSMU services.




Black Students’ Network

The Black Students’ Network is a SSMU Service dedicated to addressing the needs and interests of Black students. However, all interested students, irrespective of race, culture or creed, are encouraged to participate in the organization’s numerous events and activities.

Its mandate is to sensitize the McGill community to issues concerning Black peoples, and to assist in the successful integration of Black students both into the McGill and the wider Montreal communities.

McGill First Aid Service

The McGill Student Emergency Response Team is a student-run volunteer service under SSMU whose members provide emergency first aid services to McGill University students and to the Montreal Community. M-SERT has a membership of approximately 60 McGill students, all trained at the Red Cross First Responder level.

M-SERT is on call every night in residences. You can also find their services at intramural hockey games, Frosh, varsity football games, charity walks, 4Floors, and other events in the community.

McGill Nightline

514-398-MAIN! Your go-to referral phone line service. Offers general information and lends an ear for any trouble you may be having. All calls are anonymous and confidential. The line is open 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. throughout the school year.

McGill International Students’ Network

MISN is a service devoted to easing the transition of international students into the McGill and Montreal communities. MISN holds many events, organizes trips, and provides language classes, to help students meet each other and make their stay at McGill a mulitcultural experience.

Organic Campus

Organic Campus is a non-profit student service that operates on the McGill University Campus. We are dedicated to bringing local organic fruits and vegetables to the community at affordable prices, as well as education on healthy and sustainable food practices. Our primary provider is Berhanu Wassihun, who grows various vegetables on True Food Ecostere Farm – located about an hour away in Glen Robertson, Ontario. He also makes breads (vegan and gluten-free options!) and specialty Ethiopian snack items (vegetarian) that we sell at our stand. We also support student-made products that cater to increasing community access to foods that are either local, gluten-free, organic, and/or vegan.

In 2012-2013, we envision expanding Organic Campus to carry more products that fit our mandate, and to create a structure that is sustainable. If you would like to get more involved or volunteer with us, please get in touch!

The Plate Club

The “Plate Club” is the reusable dishware provider service of the Students’ Society of McGill University. We offer a lunch service to students eating in the SSMU cafeteria to reduce styrofoam usage–in exchange for an identification card as collateral, we rent plates/utensils/cups and wash them for FREE! We also offer an events rentals service for student groups to reduce waste (and costs!) at their events: For a deposit of $20 per bin of dishware (to be returned upon clean return of all rented dishware), students can borrow from our inventory of plates, bowls, wine and cheese plates, wine glasses, beer steins, tumblers, platters, mugs, cutlery, and other assorted dishware.

Come see us at our lunchtime hours 11:30-2:30 Monday-Friday in the Shatner cafeteria, or office hours 4-5pm Monday-Friday in our office (SSMU room 201, near Lev Bukhman) or email us!

Queer McGill

Queer McGill is a social, political, informational and support service for queer students and their allies. We serve the McGill and greater Montreal community, welcoming individuals and groups of all racial, ethnic, socioeconomic class, religions, political affiliations, cultures, linguistic backgrounds, and regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation, ability or age group.

We curate an extensive library and operate a resource centre on the McGill campus. We facilitate Allies, a student-run outreach program that works with CEGEP and high school students in the greater Montreal community. We offer weekly discussion groups and social activities at McGill and across the city. We also facilitate the Political Action Working Group, a semi-independent collective that fulfills our political mandate on campus and beyond. We also invite other queer and queer-friendly groups to use our office space when available. All of our events are safe spaces where individuals can openly express who they are without fear of reprimand, judgement or discrimination. We are committed to building a queer-positive and sex-positive community where all people may come together and feel welcome. We are also incorporating more bilingualism into all of our events and programming.

Our office is open from Monday to Friday between 10h00 to 18h00 in the Student Services (Shatner) building (Room 432) during the school year (September-April). Feel free to drop by with any questions, inquiries or simply to hang out, eat lunch and meet others within the community. QM also runs Queerline, a listening, referral and support line (514-398-6822), Allies Montreal, a high school outreach program, and much more!

SSMU Bike Collective-The Flat

The Flat is a collective that works to encourage cycling through the sharing of knowledge and tools. The Flat Bike Collective seeks to make bicycling more accessible, provide a welcoming environment, minimize our environmental impact, and promote a greater sense of community. Email us!

SSMU Volunteer Program

The SSMU Volunteer Service helps connect McGill students with volunteer opportunities in the city of Montreal. A Volunteer Fair hosted at the beginning of each semester provides students with direct access to volunteer organizations, and we also plan volunteer excursions throughout the year.

First Year Council

The First Year Council is an elected body under the Students’ Society of McGill University that represents the interests of all McGill first year students, irrespective of faculty, age, academic term or residence. The FYC has the largest scope out of all councils representing first year students and also works to lead collaboration between various first year groups.

The First Year Council acts as a voice for students to the administration and works to facilitate the integration of first years into the McGill community. The council consists of six executives and their various portfolios which work on academics, advising, events, student life and other general concerns of first year McGill life.

The SSMU Musicians Collective

The SSMU Musicians Collective is a network of musicians promoting and facilitating musical opportunities at McGill University and beyond. We also act as a referral service for organisers who require musicians for their events.

Whether you are looking to play with others, form a band/group, teach, learn or perform, we are here to help you find the right people and opportunities. Join our Facebook page and subscribe to our listserv for updates regarding jam schedules, special events, and more.

McGill Walksafe

Provides company and safety to students walking alone at night. Volunteers with walksafe jackets can either be called or found patrolling around campus.

McGill Drivesafe

SSMU DriveSafe is a service run by the Student Society of McGill University. Patrols drive students safely home from anywhere on the Island of Montreal for free.

Patrol runs on Friday and Saturday nights from 11:00 pm to 3:00 am. However, please don’t rely on DriveSafe to get home. The service is student run and flat tires happen! To get a ride, call the dispatch at 514-398-8040 or if you see the van please flag it down and tell them where you want to go.

DriveSafe is always looking for volunteers to help out, if you’re interested, check out their website for more information.

Elections SSMU

Elections SSMU is an independent and impartial agency of SSMU that organized and carries out all SSMU elections and referenda, while safeguarding the integrity of the electoral process.

Midnight Kitchen

The Midnight Kitchen fee supports the serving of pay-what-you-can vegan meals five days a week. They provide a healthy, affordable environmentally sustainable alternative to corporate food services on campus.

The Midnight Kitchen (Shatner Kitchen (Room 301) and Room 302) is a non-profit, volunteer-run collective dedicated to providing affordable, healthy food to as many people as possible.

We aim to empower individuals and communities by providing a working alternative to current market-based systems of food collection and distribution. We oppose privatization, corporatization and other processes that actively disempower people by obstructing their access to resources and independence.

We will provide education on food issues, both inside and outside of the collective, and provide a space for the exchange of ideas within the community.

We recognize that much of the politics surrounding food production and distribution are part of a larger system of oppression. By reclaiming control over the distribution of food in our community we are acting in the pursuit of social and environmental justice and we will support others who share these goals. We will organize and act according to principles of anti-oppression.

We provide free/by donation vegan lunches 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, at 12:30 in the Shatner building on McGill campus. (Contact: 514-398-3001 ×09976)


Broadcasting online and on closed circuit televisions across campus, TVM: Student Television at Mcgill is the university’s outlet for student television and film media. Succeeding its role as a movie-making club throughout the ’90s, TVMcGill was officially founded in 2001 as a SSMU media service.

The organization has grown impressively over the past decade, acquiring a reputation for in-depth news coverage and innovative, exciting new programming. Winners of the 2003 and 2006 Service of the Year Award, as well as the 2005, 2006, and 2008 Website of the Year Award, TVMcGill has garnered numerous accolades for its work. It regularly publishes stories relevant to the McGill community, whether it is news, arts, series or features. TVMcGill also organizes an annual Fokus Film Festival to promote and showcase student’s films to the student community.

In the past, funding was mainly provided by SSMU, but after a student-initiated referendum motion that was successfully passed in March 2010, TVMcGill is now supported directly from its own student funded fee.

Savoy Society

The Savoy Society has been bringing Gilbert & Sullivan Light Opera to McGill since 1963! Contact:(514)398.3001 ×09632

Sexual Assault Centre of McGill Students’ Society (SACOMSS)

SACOMSS offers support and services to survivor of sexual assault and their allies. We offer non-judgmental, confidential, non-directional listening support over the phone (514-398-8500) and in person, as well as offer support groups for those interested. Our advocacy branch works with the McGill administration to improve the Sexual Assault and Harassment Complaint Procedure, as well as accompanies and advocates for any member of the McGill community filing a complaint. Finally, our Outreach branch runs workshops in high schools about issues surrounding sexual assault and consent.

Players’ Theatre

Players’ Theatre, the oldest english speaking theatre in Montreal, offers four shows each season. A student- run theatre at that promotes the arts, student engagement in theatre and offers opportunities for all students to get involved in theatre, both onstage and behind the scenes!

Union for Gender Empowerment (UGE)

The Union for Gender Empowerment coordinates an alternative lending library (with over a thousand titles!); a co-op stocking at-cost ecologically-responsible menstrual products, DIY sex toys, safer sex supplies, and gender empowerment items; and a zine distro. The UGE also runs Trans 101 and anti-oppression workshops for other organizations and projects, and has a resource binder with information about abortion services, counseling, and queer/trans friendly health services in Montreal. Our office and lounge space is located in room 413 of the Shatner University Centre. It is a safe(r) space for people of all genders, and is equipped with a microwave, dishes, a kettle, and lots of tea! Stop by to eat lunch and hang out! You can find us in room 413, on the 4th floor of the Shatner University Centre at McGill University.