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Both SSMU and McGill provide services to students. These services provide support, referrals, and resources to countless students. Below you will find the list of SSMU services.

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Black Students’ Network

Winners of the 2014-2014 SSMU Political/Academic Event of The Year Award, for our vigil in solidarity with Ferguson & Black Lives Matter protests

We are a service of the McGill Students Society, available to the entire McGill and Montreal Community. While we are dedicated to addressing the needs and interests of Black students at McGill, all interested students, irrespective of race, culture or creed, are encouraged to participate in our numerous events and activities.

You can find more information about the BSN on their website, through their Facebook and Twitter pages, or by contacting them at

McGill Student Emergency Response Team

The McGill Student Emergency Response Team (M-SERT) is a volunteer service supported by the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) whose members provide emergency first aid services to McGill University and the Montreal community.

Our membership includes over 50 volunteers who are certified at the Canadian Red Cross Emergency First Responder level. While responding, our team operates in pairs and carries a range of first aid materials and equipment that counts to over 40 items. Our responders also carry more advanced emergency first aid equipment, such as Epi-Pens, oxygen tanks, cervical collars, and Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).

M-SERT currently provides first aid coverage to McGill University Residences every evening from 6:00pm to 6:00am. In addition, M-SERT covers Intramural Hockey, Frosh, Carnival, 4Floors, and many other events.

You can learn more about MSERT through their website, Facebook, or Twitter or by contacting them at

McGill Nightline

514-398-MAIN! Your go-to referral phone line service.

McGill Students’ Nightline is a confidential, anonymous and non-judgmental listening service, run by McGill students, providing the community with a variety of support. This includes anything from information to crisis management and referrals. We are an English service.

Learn more about Nightline through their website and Facebook page or by contacting them at

McGill International Students’ Network

MISN LogoWe are a Student Society of McGill University (SSMU) service that caters to the largest international student body at McGill. We organize events, trips, and provide a number of services to help ease students’ transition into the McGill community. We also strive to highlight the cultural diversity on campus, and make McGill students’ stay here a multicultural experience.

Learn more about MISN through their website, Facebook, or Twitter pages or by contact them at

Organic Campus

10551465_619624734821398_8348912955506357082_oOrganic Campus provides local organic baked goods and produce to the McGill community. We are open Tuesdays to Thursdays from 12-5 at the green corner in the ssmu building. This year we’re looking for new members to sell our products as well as new members to join the executive team. If you’re interested in volunteering for even an hour a week, give us a shout!

Learn more about Organic Campus through their website, Facebook, or Twitter pages or by contacting them at

The Plate Club


The “Plate Club” is the reusable dishware provider service of the Students’ Society of McGill University. Our mandate is to directly reduce everyday waste at a grassroots level.

We offer a lunch service to students eating in the SSMU cafeteria to reduce waste from disposable containers–in exchange for an identification card as collateral, we rent plates/utensils/cups and wash them for FREE!

We also offer an events rentals service for student groups to reduce waste (and costs!) at their events: For a deposit of $20 per bin of dishware (to be returned upon clean return of all rented dishware), students can borrow from our inventory of plates, bowls, wine and cheese plates, wine glasses, beer steins, tumblers, platters, mugs, cutlery, and other assorted dishware.

Come see us at our lunchtime hours 11:30-2:30 Monday-Friday in the Shatner cafeteria, or office hours 4-5pm Monday-Friday in our office (SSMU room 417) or email us!

Learn more about the Plate Club through their website, Facebook, or Twitter pages or by contacting them at

Queer McGill

10922623_630310093761286_6671889658805083286_nQueer McGill is a non-hierarchical social, political, informational and support service for queer students and their allies. We serve the McGill and greater Montreal community, welcoming individuals and groups of all race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, religions, political affiliations, cultures, and linguistic backgrounds, regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation, ability or age group.

Learn more about Queer McGill through their Facebook or Twitter page or by contacting them at

SSMU Bike Collective-The Flat



The Flat is a collective that encourages cycling through the sharing of knowledge and tools. We have everything you need to learn how to fix your bike. The space and tools are free to use, and everyone is welcome to attend workshops, volunteer during shifts, and come to collective meetings. All persons and bikes welcome – no experience necessary! We seek to make bicycling more accessible, promote sustainability, and develop a greater sense of community. We are always looking for volunteers to teach bike repair to others.

Le Flat est un atelier communautaire de réparation de vélos visant à encourager le cyclisme par le partage de connaissances et d’outils. Nous avons tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour apprendre à réparer votre vélo. L’accès est gratuit, et l’atelier ouvert à tous, que ce soit pour réparer son vélo, devenir bénévole, ou participer à nos réunions collectives. Tout le monde et tous les vélos sont les bienvenus, et aucune expérience n’est requise ! Notre but est de rendre le cyclisme plus accessible, tout en offrant un environnement bienveillant et en encourageant un meilleur esprit communautaire. Nous sommes toujours à la recherche des bénévoles pour aider à enseigner la mécanique à tous.

Learn more about the Flat Bike Collective through their website or Facebook page or by contacting them at

SSMU Volunteer Program

Volunteer Service logo

The SSMU Volunteer Service connects students to volunteering opportunities in and around Montreal. Whether you know exactly what type of volunteering you want to do or don’t have any idea at all, we’re here to help you achieve your volunteering goals. We hold a volunteer fair each semester, run volunteer excursions throughout the year, and meet with students one on one to discuss how they can start volunteering. Visit our website for volunteering opportunities, set up a consultation with us, or email us with other questions.

Learn more about the SSMU Volunteer Service on their website or Facebook page, or contact them directly at

First Year Council

We are the FYC, your elected representative body under the SSMU! We represent all first year students regardless of residence, faculty, academic term, or age. Our job is to represent first years in the McGill community, to help integrate you into McGill life and to serve as your advocates and guides.

Learn more about the First Year Council through their website, Facebook or Twitter pages or by contacting them directly at

The SSMU Musicians Collective

SSMU Musicians Collective Logo

The SSMU Musicians Collective is a musicians’ network dedicated to facilitating musical opportunities for students and others at McGill University. We are a SSMU service that works to foster a musical community at McGill. Ways we do this include connecting those who want to learn to play an instrument or to improve their musical playing abilities with qualified teachers while also acting as a referral service for event organizers who require musicians. Additionally, we host ‘Meet n’ Greets’ and jam sessions so that people with similar musical styles can jam as well as hosting other musical events throughout the year including open mics @ Gerts, musical workshops, and our annual concert featuring McGill bands. Last but not least, we operate our own Jam Room within the SSMU building which students can rent out for practice or jamming during the school year with access to guitars, basses, a drum set, and more.

We hope that SSMU Musicians Collective serves as your primary contact point for your musical needs both at McGill and in Montreal at large!

Learn more about the Musician’s Collective through their websiteFacebook page, or Twitter or contact them at

McGill Walksafe


Walksafe is a volunteer SSMU service that provides free night-time accompaniment for those who are feel uncomfortable, or who are unable to walk home alone. Our service is available to anyone in Montreal, and we will walk to and from any destination on the island. For more information, or to request a walk, please call or email us.
Our operating hours are 9pm-12am on Sunday-Thursday and 9pm-3am on Friday-Saturday

Learn more about Walksafe on their websiteFacebook page, or Twitter or contact them at

McGill Drivesafe

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 6.24.03 PMDriveSafe is a service run by the Student Society of McGill University. Our volunteers drive students safely home to and from anywhere on the Island of Montreal for FREE. Our service currently runs on Friday and Saturday nights from 11pm-3am throughout the school year.

To get a ride, give us a call at 514-398-8040!

If you’re interested in volunteering as a driver or shotgun, check out our website for more information or visit us at Activities Night!

Learn more about Drivesafe through their website, Facebook, or Twitter or contact them directly at

Elections SSMU

Elections SSMU is a politically autonomous service provided by the Student Society of McGill University (SSMU). Our mandate is to run accountable elections for members of the SSMU. We are here to ensure that all students have an equal chance to vote, and that all candidates follow electoral procedures that are in place to ensure fair elections.

Learn more about Elections SSMU through their website, Facebook, or Twitter page or by contacting them at

Midnight Kitchen

The Midnight Kitchen serves pay-what you-can vegan lunches on weekdays @ 12:30 pm in the William Shatner University Centre (3600 McTavish Street, Montreal, QC). As part of our social and political programming, we also organize educational events and workshops, support direct action and grassroots organizing, own and operate a radical lending library, and distribute a regular newsletter. We also cook in solidarity for political and community based events that are keeping within our anti-oppression and political mandate.

Learn more about Midnight Kitchen through their website or Facebook page or by contacting them at


TVM Logo

TVM is McGill University’s only student-run film and television production service, providing a creative outlet and free education for the McGill community. Whatever your interests, there is plenty of room to get involved in one of our ten awesome departments! From production and editing to graphic design, marketing, and production design, TVM has it all!

To learn more about TVM and get involved, please join us at one of our General Meetings or visit our office in SSMU B-28.

Learn more about TVM through their website, Facebook, or Twitter.

Savoy Society

We are an operatic society that puts on comedic English operettas. We are a social group, and our friendships are formed through the activity of producing one or two high-profile spectacular shows per year. The main stage production is a Gilbert & Sullivan operetta, held before the winter Reading Week. The sideshow is any of a variety of music-based shows; recitals, revues or even concert versions of musicals.

Learn more about the Savoy Society through their website, Facebook or Twitter page or contact them at

Sexual Assault Centre of McGill Students’ Society (SACOMSS)


The Sexual Assault Centre of the McGill Students’ Society (SACOMSS) is a volunteer-run organization committed to supporting survivors of sexual assault and their allies through direct support, advocacy, and outreach.

Our services include Drop-In and Line (DIAL), Support Groups, Advocacy, and Outreach. Additionally, we offer sexual assault sensitivity training to McGill and Montreal groups, provide information and referrals, and organize events to raise awareness about sexual assault.

For updates on our events, volunteer opportunities / trainings, community news of interest, and more:

Subscribe to our LISTSERV:
E-mail LISTSERV@LISTS.MCGILL.CA with no subject line and the following text command: subscribe SACOMSS-SUPPORTERS

Learn more about SACOMSS through their website or Facebook page or contact them at

Players’ Theatre


Players’ Theatre, the oldest english speaking theatre in Montreal, offers four shows each season. All productions are mounted entirely by students and offer an exciting and hands-on theatrical experience. In addition to regular season shows, Players’ Theatre hosts the annual McGill Drama Festival, a showcase of student written and directed new works.

Learn more about the Players’ Theatre through their website, Facebook or Twitter pages or by contacting them at

Union for Gender Empowerment (UGE) 

ugelogo_colour_transparent_bckgrndThe Union for Gender Empowerment is a trans-positive feminist service of the Student Society of McGill University (SSMU). Everyone is welcome to use our services! We coordinate an alternative lending library (with over a thousand titles!); a co-op stocking pay-what-you-can ecologically responsible menstrual products, DIY sex toys, safer sex supplies, and gender empowerment items; and a zine library. The UGE also runs trans 101/allyship and anti-oppression workshops for other organizations and projects, and has a resource binder with information about abortion services, counseling, and queer/trans-friendly health services in Montreal. Our office and lounge space is located in room 413 of the Shatner University Centre. It is a wheelchair-accessible safe(r) space for people of all genders, and is equipped with a microwave, dishes, a kettle, and lots of tea! Stop by to eat lunch and hang out!

Learn more about the Union for Gender Empowerment (UGE) websiteFacebook or Twitter pages or by contacting them at