Club Bank Statements

Bank Statements for SSMU Clubs

As of April 1st, 2016, the SSMU will be implementing a new method for Clubs to receive bank statements. Clubs will no longer have to sign up on the online “Club Bank Statement Request Form” to request their bank statements. The statements will be sent out to all Clubs automatically when the SSMU has received them.

All Club bank statements are sent from Scotiabank to the SSMU and distributed by the SSMU to Clubs. The SSMU generally receives bank statements for each month by the middle of the following month (e.g. the SSMU receives January bank statements by mid-February). Clubs should expect to receive their bank statements for the previous month from the SSMU via email by the 20th of each month.

Bank statements will be sent to the official club email addresses. This is the “official group email address” listed by your club when you fill out the Student Group Information Form. If you need to change your official group email address, please fill out the form again.

Note: If there has been no activity in the account, the bank will usually not issue a statement. Please keep this mind before contacting the SSMU should you not receive a statement for the month.  You would like to open a bank account or re-gain access to your bank account, fill out the Club Bank Account Form.

If you have any questions about your bank statements, please contact the Club Auditor.