How to Join a Club or Service

One of the most common we receive at the SSMU is how students can get involved in student life and get their foot in the door with student groups on campus.

The easiest way to see what SSMU has to offer is through attending Activities Night, which is the biggest event of the year in the Clubs and Services portfolio! Activities Night is a clubs fair, where all of SSMU’s 250+ student groups set up tables in the SSMU Building and students have the opportunity to speak to the executives of each group and sign up for the email list of any and all of the groups at the event.

If you have a specific group in mind that you’re interested in joining, find their entry on the Club Listing, Services Listing, or Independent Student Group Listing and reach out to that group directly! After contacting a group and being asked to be added to their mailing list, you’ll receive updates about the events and notice of their general meetings.