How to Start a Club

Applying for Interim Status

Due to resource constraints, a moratorium on the approval of new clubs has been implemented.  The SSMU is no longer accepting applications for Interim Status accreditation.

For groups that currently hold Interim Status, the opportunity to apply for Full Status remains and information regarding the Interim Status period and the application process for Full status can be found below.

Interim Status Period

After being approved for Interim Status by SSMU Council, clubs enter their Interim Status period, which is a temporary probationary period for clubs that lasts for 5 academic months. For the purposes of Interim Status Clubs, academic months do not include May, June, July and August, and December and April are counted as half-months.  When you are approved for Interim Status, the Club Committee Coordinator will inform you of the dates you are eligible for Full Status and the dates by which you must apply for Full Status.

During this 5 month period, your club is required to host at least three events (or complete other projects, detailed below) that contribute to the achievement of your club mandate.  The Interim Status period gives clubs a chance to build up their member base and begin to host regular events.

Because Interim Status is a short-term probationary period, Interim Status Clubs are not immediately granted all SSMU Club Privileges.  Interim Status clubs can benefit from free room bookings in the SSMU building, free tabling at Activities Night, having a club mailbox, and applying for funding from all available SSMU funds except the Club Fund.

After 3 academic months of Interim Status, SSMU Interim Status Clubs become eligible to apply for Full Status. Your club MUST apply for Full Status by the fifth month of your Interim Status being granted, or you will lose your Club Status and all of your club privileges.  If you lose your Club Status, you will need to reapply for Interim Status and start the period all over again.

If you have a valid reason for why you cannot apply for Full Status within the five month window, you can submit a formal request for an Extension of Interim Status to the Club Commissioner for consideration by the Committee.  If the five month window closes without your group having applied for Full Status and if you were not granted an extension by the Club Committee, your club will lose its Club Status.

Applying for Full Status

After three academic months have passed since your club was granted Interim Status, you become eligible for Full Status. The application process for Full Status is the final step in starting your club.

Like the Interim Status Application, the Full Status Club Application requires the submission of a number of components, reviewed based on a standardized Full Status Club Approval Rubric.

The Full Status Application Form is submitted electronically.  You will be required to provide information about how you fulfilled your mandate during your Interim Status Period, how you have contributed to the SSMU community, and what plans you have to ensure the longevity of your club if you are granted Full Status.  You will also be required to submit information about three events you have hosted and provide a club budget as well as a list of at least 25 members.

The approval of a Full Status Application follows the same procedure as the Interim Status Applications.  After the initial submission to the Club Commissioner via the online form, the application will be taken to the Club Committee for review and then SSMU Council for approval.

For clubs who failed to be granted Full Status following the submission of their Full Status Application Form, in the case of extenuating circumstances or the provision of additional information about the application, clubs may submit an appeal through the Full Status Appeal Form.  The Club Committee is under no obligation to consider or grant appeals.

For more details about how clubs operate and how to use the many services and privileges afforded to SSMU Clubs during both the Interim and Full Status periods, consult the “How to Run a SSMU Club” page.