Independent Student Groups (ISGs)

Independent Student Groups are external groups active on campus that have an official recognition from and a relationship with the SSMU.  These are groups that provide valuable resources not otherwise provided by the SSMU, and as such all Independent Student Groups are quite different from one another.

SSMU recognizes all of the following Independent Student Groups:


They are an international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. AIESEC offers internships for students in the following two programs:
Global Citizen is an internship program that enables young people to work on volunteer projects that directly impact societal issues in the areas of literacy, environment, cultural understanding and social entrepreneurship. Student will be able to gain valuable skills in marketing, consulting, teaching, environmental sustainability, teamwork or project management. They will empower communities by developing the people and allowing them to build a more sustainable future.
Global Talent is an internship program that enables youths to gain relevant skills through cross-cultural professional development experiences in teaching and marketing. By working with a company or organization abroad, you will be able to develop professional skills that contribute to your future career as well as develop yourself personally in a new cultural environment.

Find AIESEC online through their websiteFacebook, or Twitter, or contact them directly via email!


CKUT is a non-profit, campus-community radio station based at McGill University. CKUT is year after year voted Montreal’s BEST Radio Station and has been an important part of the Montreal cultural and musical community for over 27 years!

CKUT provides alternative music, news and spoken word programming to the city of Montreal and surrounding areas, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. CKUTs mandate is to give space to news, music and culture that is not represented in mainstream media; and is a resource for the wider McGill and Montreal community.

Students can listen to CKUT at 90.3FM on the radio dial, on-line at or on their handheld devices with the free Tune-In App.

Find CKUT online through their website, Facebook, or Twitter. Contact information by department can be found on the CKUT website!

Daily Publications Society

The McGill Daily, at one time the oldest daily student newspaper in the Commonwealth, has been the training ground for generations of journalists since its inception in 1911.

Currently The Daily is one of the largest student newspapers in Canada and is widely read both on the McGill campus and around Montreal.

The Daily has been independent from student government since 1980. It is published by the Daily Publications Society, an autonomous body whose membership includes all McGill downtown campus undergraduate students except Continuing Education, as well as all graduate students excluding non-residents, graduate medical and graduate dentistry students.

Find the McGill Daily online through their website, Facebook, or Twitter, or contact them directly via email.

ECOLE Project

ECOLE is a student residence, a project, and a community space on McGill campus. ECOLE strives to facilitate a culture of sustainability at McGill University and in surrounding communities by means of research, experiential learning, intentional living practices, and collaboration between student and community groups.  After three years of development, ECOLE launched its pilot year in 2014.

Find ECOLE online through their website, Facebook, or Twitter, or contact them directly via email!

Ghetto Shul

Join us every Friday night during the school year, for exciting musical services at 7:30 pm followed by a delicious student cooked sustainable dinner at 8:30 pm with lots of fun and singing to follow. Make sure to bring all of you friends!

The Ghetto Shul acts as the magnetic core of the downtown Jewish community. This student-run initiative draws both students and young professionals together to celebrate and engage their Judaism in a welcoming environment.

At any given moment something is happening at the Ghetto Shul. We host prayer services and meals every Shabbat and holiday, regular Jewish learning, and a diverse array of programming (including Sustainable Shabbat meals, holiday celebrations, Freshman orientation, field trips, and volunteer opportunities). We are a warm and Torah-based community, which provides a spiritual home for an eclectic mix of Jews. Be it a giant Friday night dinner, a lively Thursday night class, a Monday night jam session, or a social action fundraiser, anyone can experience the warmth of Jewish life.

Find Ghetto Shul online through their websiteFacebook page, on Twitter, or contact them directly via email at

Golden Key

The Golden Key chapter at McGill University believes in excellence and strives to provide the best environment possible for guiding our members to achieve in academics, leadership and service. The 246th Golden Key chapter and the 1st in Canada, McGill was chartered April 7, 1997.

With more than 9000 members since 1997, the McGill Golden Key chapter is one of the largest chapters in Canada with an average of over 700 members currently at McGill in any given year. Members focus on community service, networking events, and reaching out to make connections with the local community and the entire university student body. We welcome prospective members who are in the top 15% of their class and interested in service and leadership development.

Find Golden Key online through their website or Facebook page or contact them directly via email.


They are the International Relations Students’ Association of McGill. We house our Model United Nations team, two of the largest Model UN conferences in the world with SSUNS for high school students, and McMUN for University students, our local outreach programs to make an impact in the community, the prestigious McGill International Review, and as one of only two student groups in the world with consultive status at the United Nations, our trips each year to represent ourselves as an NGO at the United Nations where we actively and truly engage in global politics. We are one of the largest, and most diverse student groups on campus, and take pride in adding all of these valuable perspectives to serve our members at home, and while they are abroad.

Find IRSAM online through their websiteFacebook, or Twitter, or contact them directly via email.



Founded in 1973, the Legal Information Clinic at McGill is Canada’s largest student-run legal clinic. Our staff of volunteer law students provide free legal information to McGill students and members of the wider Montreal community alike — over 2000 each year.

In addition, we provide a free commissioner of oaths service and offer JustInfo presentations about a wide array of legal topics to student and community groups.

Our Student Advocacy office also provides free representation and advice to McGill students faced with academic and non-academic offenses under the Code of Student Discipline.

For more information, please visit or contact us by phone at 514-398-6792.

Find the Legal Information Clinic online through their website or Facebook or contact them directly via email.


The Market Cooperative strives to create a cultural change in consumption through promoting the Montreal local economy, educating people about economic, social and environmental sustainability, and highlighting the city’s thriving arts and culture, by offering opportunities to local artists and small businesses to showcase their work. In order to do this, The Market Cooperative hosts Community Markets at McGill four times per year, hosting dozens of vendors and welcoming hundreds of attendees.

Find the Market Cooperative online through their websiteTwitter or Facebook.


The Quebec Public Interest Research Group at McGill is a non-profit, student-run organization dedicated to social and environmental justice and building bridges between McGill and the wider Montreal community. Through community based research, popular education and grassroots action, QPIRG brings together a wide range of activists interested in many different issues.

QPIRG-McGill centers its work around anti-oppression, and is opposed to all forms of discrimination, including on the basis of: class, gender, race, sexual orientation, and dis/ability.

Find QPIRG online through their websiteFacebook, or Twitter, or contact them directly via email!


Tribune Publications Society

The McGill Tribune is a completely independent, student-run publication that has been covering McGill University, Montreal, and beyond since 1981. Our mission is to provide fair and objective reporting and analysis on issues that matter to students.

If you’re interested in writing, taking photos, creative design, or illustrations there are no applications necessary! Just send an email to If you’re interested in writing we have seven sections: News, Opinion, Student Living, Science and Technology, Features, Arts and Entertainment, and Sports.

Find the McGill Tribune online through their websiteFacebook, or Twitter or contact them directly via email!


10551465_619624734821398_8348912955506357082_o-600x388Organic Campus provides local organic baked goods and produce to the McGill community. We are open Tuesdays to Thursdays from 12-5 at the green corner in the ssmu building. This year we’re looking for new members to sell our products as well as new members to join the executive team. If you’re interested in volunteering for even an hour a week, give us a shout!

Learn more about Organic Campus through their websiteFacebook, or Twitter pages or by contacting them at


Players’ Theatre, the oldest English speaking theatre in Montreal, offers four shows each season.  All productions are mounted entirely by students and offer an exciting and hands-on theatrical experience. In addition to regular season shows, Players’ Theatre hosts the annul McGill Drama Festival, a showcase of student written and directed new works.

Learn more about the Players’ Theatre through their websiteFacebook or Twitter pages or by contacting them at


McGill Students Outdoors Club

The MOC is one of the oldest outdoors (outing) clubs in Montreal, founded in 1936. Every weekend, MOC’ers just like you are out there enjoying themselves the great outdoors, all over the place. You can say that the MOC is the hiking, camping, canoeing, skiing, snowboarding, cycling and climbing clubs combined into one. MOC’ers do it all!

Want to learn first aid? How about telemark skiing? Or maybe ice climbing? The MOC organizes courses for beginners all the time (and they’re usually really cheap). McGill students have been at this since 1936 (you should see some of the photos)!

Learn more about the McGill Students Outdoors Club through their website or Facebook page or by emailing them at