Club Bank Account Forms

Bank Account and Signing Officer Forms

All SSMU clubs (including Interim Status clubs) are eligible to open a free bank account with Scotiabank through the SSMU!  Please note that clubs are not allowed to open any accounts that are not SSMU branch accounts at Scotiabank.

In order to open a bank account for your club or change your bank account’s signing officers, clubs must complete the following online forms, which will then be processed by the Club Administrative Officer and the Accounting Department.  Please note this process may take 2-3 weeks during high traffic periods. After the form has been processed by SSMU, the club will be emailed a signed letter confirming the new account or change of signing officers for the club to bring to Scotiabank.

Please be advised that any person listed as a signing officer on a club bank account must have proof of residence in Montreal (a lease, a utility bill, etc.) as well as 2 pieces of photo ID in order to be added to the account by the bank.

When completing this forms, make sure that the follow three conditions are satisfied for the people listed as a signing officer:

  • Are recognized as current club executives – if you aren’t sure if your list of executives is up-to-date or if your executives have changed since you originally submitted the form, fill out a new and updated Student Group Information Form before submitting your bank forms to ensure that both forms match!
  • Are currently holding an executive position that is recognized by the club constitution – if you list an executive position on your bank forms that is not outlined in your constitution, the form will not be processed until the issue is resolved (either through re-shuffling your executive positions to match the portfolios in the constitution or through a constitutional amendment).
  • Are identified on the form by their legal name as it appears on their photo ID

After ensuring that your executive contact information is up to date and that your executive members are in compliance with the portfolios listed in the constitution, complete the following form:

Club Bank Account Form – for both creating a new account and changing the signing officers on an existing account.

After the form is submitted your should receive a confirmation email, and you will receive the final completed form from the Interest Group Coordinator after it has been processed.

Clubs with a completed Create a Bank Account form must make an appointment with SSMU’s Scotiabank liaison in order to open the new account, and clubs with completed Change of Signing Officer forms can go to any teller without an appointment to change the officers on their account.


All questions about bank forms and account access can be directed to the Club Administrative Officer!