SSMU Contacts for Clubs

Vice President (Student Life): Elaine Patterson |

  • The Vice-President (Student Life) handles managing all of the Clubs, Services, and Independent Student Groups and plans Activities Night.

Club Administrative Assistant: Laureanne Pelletier |

  • The Club Administrative Officer handles general inquiries about clubs, processes all forms for clubs, and handles the bank account and signing officer processes for clubs.

Club Committee Coordinator: Mary Helmer-Smith | 

  • The Club Committee Coordinator chairs the Clubs Committee, reviews all Interim and Full Status club applications, and assists with constitutional amendments for clubs.

Funding Commissioner: Arisha Khan |

  • The Funding Commissioner chairs the Funding Committee and provides support for clubs applying for funding.

Club Website Designer: Nicole Ho | 

  • The Club Website Designer works on graphic design for club websites.  All clubs can

Events Administrator: Stephanie Yung |

  • Room bookings (internal and external groups), rental equipment bookings

Director of Events, Food and Beverage : Alessandro Sangiovanni |

  • Catering for events within the building, pizza orders for events and supervises events.

Security Manager: Wallace Sealy |

  • Security for events, room bookings with alcohol, lost and found

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