Disclaimer: DriveSafe has a zero tolerance policy, volunteers may have NO alcohol or narcotic in their system when doing a shift.


Driver Requirements:

Be a McGill student or faculty member.
Have a full and valid driver’s license from any province/country
Be 18 or over
Have a clean driving record

Shotgun requirements:

Be a McGill student or faculty member
Be 17 or over
First-aid trained is an asset

Process for Drivers and shotguns:

Step 1: Application

Fill out the application form on your site, including your name and availability. If you are a driver, make sure we have a copy of your license.

Make sure that when you’re selecting dates, select ALL of the dates that you think you will be available. This gives you a higher chance of being placed a shift.

Volunteering with a friend is more fun! Make sure to ask a friend so that it’ll be easier for us to give you a shift rather than to find you a partner!

Step 2: Training

Be trained. Get cookies. Listen to the VP Volunteers talk.

Step 3: Shifts

You are required to do at least 3 shifts per semester (remember, we run Fridays and Saturdays from 11PM-3AM) for a total of 6 shifts throughout the whole year. You must also do a minimum of one event shift during the year (they count as two normal shifts!). Exceptions may be made for special event volunteers. You sign up for shifts using the link at the top of the page, but remember, you must be trained before doing your first shift.  Also, remember to have fun! And to enjoy the lovely snacks.

If you’re ready, sign up here!