Purple Room 434


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icon-location Location Room 434, 4th Floor.
icon-food Food Allowed Authorization is required from the Events Department. eventsadmin@ssmu.mcgill.ca
icon-audiovisuals Audio Visual None.
icon-furniture Furniture Conference table (1), chairs (12). The table cannot be folded and the chairs cannot be taken out from the room.There is a blackboard in the room.
icon-notes Notes

Right next to the elevator.

icon-dimensions Dimensions (ft)  15.5 Length  x 10.5 Width  x 0 Least Width x 10.5 Height.  Area (ft2)=162.75 (All numbers are rounded up or down to the nearest foot or half foot)
icon-dimensions Dimensions (m) 4.72 Length  x 3.20 Width  x 0 Least Width x 3.20 Height.  Area (ft2)=15.12 (All numbers are rounded up or down to the nearest meter or half meter)


Meeting Room-set-up---Room-Meeting-with-boards

Download the PDF Layout: Room set up – Room Meeting w-board

  • Reunion room with furniture: 15 pers.

* Please note the layouts are not scaled.


Purple-Room-(1) Purple-Room-(2)
Meeting Room  Meeting Room
 Meeting Room