Room 302


Excellent for:

Room-use---conference Icon-danse Icon-coat-food-service Icon-profesor Icon-workshop
Speaker Dance class Food Service Class / Lecture Workshop


icon-location Location Room 302, 3rd Floor.

University Centre (3480 McTavish Street)

icon-food Food Allowed Authorization is required from the Events Department.
icon-audiovisuals Audio Visual None available in the room.
icon-furniture Furniture There are two tables and chairs  (around 30) already in the room.
icon-notes Notes

As an adjacent room to the Ballroom or on its own, this room is a flexible space for small events.

If there is an event in the Ballroom, sound coming there will be noticeable, check the calendar. Similarly, this room is right next to the kitchen and it can be used at any given time by Midnight Kitchen. Some sound might come from the kitchen too. Please note that only the events approved by SSMU will show in the calendar on the kitchen column. Midnight kitchen activities are not displayed on it.

icon-dimensions Dimensions (ft) 33 Length  x 32 Width  x 10.5 Height.  Area (ft2)= 1056 (All numbers are rounded up or down to the nearest foot or half foot)
icon-dimensions Dimensions (m) 10.06 Length  x 9.75 Width x 3.20 Height.  Area (m2)= 98.11 (All numbers are rounded up or down to the nearest meter or half meter)


Workshop Room-set-up---Workshop

Max. Capacity: 50

Download the PDF Layout: Room set up – Workshop

Exercise / Dance Class Room-set-up---Exercise

Max. Capacity: 60

Download the PDF Layout: Room set up – Exercise

Food Service Room-set-up---Food-service

Max. Capacity: 50

Download the PDF Layout: Room set up – Food service

Speaker / Presentation Room-set-up---Speaker-Presentation

Max.Capacity: 50

Download the PDF Layout: Room set up – Speaker Presentation

Lecture / Class Room-set-up---Class

Capacity: 50

Download the PDF Layout: Room set up – Class

* Please note the layouts are not scaled.


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Workshop Setup  Workshop Setup
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Class Setup  Class Setup