Room Madeleine Parent


Excellent for:

Room-use---conference Icon-profesor Icon-workshop Icon-danse
Speaker Class / Lecture Workshop Dance class


icon-location Location Room 203A, 2nd Floor.

University Centre (3480 McTavish Street)

icon-food Food allowed  Authorization is required from the Events Department.
icon-audiovisuals Audio Visual Speakers, screen and projector are already installed in the room. All you need to do is connect a microphone or a music input, or a computer. If you are using a Mac, you will need an adapter.
icon-furniture Furniture There are already (60) chairs and (20) tables in the room.

icon-notes Notes

Ideal for all sorts of small to medium gatherings.

This room is reserved for the SSMU Legislative Council sessions. See the calendar to check the dates.

icon-dimensions Dimensions (ft) 31 Length  x 31 Width  x 10.5 Height.  Area (ft2)= 961 (All numbers are rounded up or down to the nearest foot or half foot)
icon-dimensions Dimensions (m) 9.45 Length  x 9.45 Width  x 3.20 Height.  Area (m2)= 89.28 (All numbers are rounded up or down to the nearest meter or half meter)


Workshop Room-set-up---Workshop

Max. Capacity: 70

Download the PDF Layout: Room set up – Workshop

Speaker / Presentation Room-set-up---Speaker-Presentation

Max.Capacity: 70

Download the PDF Layout: Room set up – Speaker Presentation

Lecture / Class Room-set-up---Class

Capacity: 70

Download the PDF Layout: Room set up – Class

Exercise / Dance Class Room-set-up---Exercise

Max. Capacity: 80

Download the PDF Layout: Room set up – Exercise

* Please note the layouts are not scaled.


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