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Food Service Workshop

*South Side Cafeteria is only available for booking starting at 6pm.


icon-location Location South Side Cafeteria, 2nd Floor.

University Centre (3480 McTavish Street)

icon-food Food Allowed Authorization is required from the Events Department.
icon-audiovisuals Audio Visual No equipment already installed in the room.
icon-furniture Furniture There are already (60) chairs and (20) tables in the room. They cannot be removed from the space. The setup can be changed but has to be put back to what it was.
icon-notes Notes
icon-dimensions Dimensions (ft) 43.5 Length  x 44 Width  x 8 Height.  Area (ft2)= 1914 (All numbers are rounded up or down to the nearest foot or half foot)
icon-dimensions Dimensions (m)  13.26 Length  x 13.41 Width  x 2.44 Height.  Area (m2)= 516.31(All numbers are rounded up or down to the nearest meter or half meter)


Workshop Room-set-up---Workshop

Max. Capacity: 60

Download the PDF Layout: Room set up – Workshop

Food Service Room-set-up---Food-service

Max. Capacity: 60

Download the PDF Layout: Room set up – Food service

* Please note the layouts are not scaled.


IMG_9188 IMG_9192
Cafeteria Setup  Cafeteria Setup
IMG_9172 IMG_9178
Cafeteria Setup  Cafeteria Setup