Throughout the year, tables are available for booking in the University Centre’s lobby and near the second-floor cafeteria. The building has a constant flow of between 1,000 to 1,400 McGill students, faculty and staff streaming in and out on any given day.

Note: Food is NOT allowed at the kiosk.

Kiosk and tables

  • Kiosk (Center, 1st floor)
Kiosk1 Kiosk2
  • Table Elevator – First Floor
Table-1st-floor right
  • Table Student Lounge 
  • Table Elevator  - Second Floor

Table Booking Reservation procedures

    SSMU-ClubSSMU-ServiceSSMU-Recognized-ISG You can bundle your table bookings with the Event Management software.


For the following categories, please contact the Marketing Representative for rates, procedures and availability.

SSMU-mcgill-community Please contact the Marketing Representative
SSMU-external-group Most students enter the building through the main lobby doors meaning sponsors located at the centre kiosk in the lobby will benefit from exclusive and immediate exposure to students as they arrive and depart.Tabling opportunities are ideal for any company looking to increase their exposure to McGill’s 30,000 plus student and working population.Sponsors will be able to promote their products or services, display visual materials, use wireless internet and have access to electricity.Sponsors may request reservations up to two weeks in advance of their desired dates.If this is of interest to you, please contact the Marketing Representative

Please note that for Y intersection booking, please contact Student Housing and Hospitality Services