Event Booking Terms and Conditions

  1. The organizers of the event agree to abide by the SSMU Bylaws for all matters related to the event.
  2. The signee agrees (i) that the tenant will use the Rental Space with prudence and diligence during the Agreement term, (ii) that the tenant will return the Rental Space in the condition in which it was received.
  3. This agreement cannot be renewed. Should the signee require the same venues for a similar event in the future, the signee agrees a new Agreement has to be negotiated within the booking timing established by the SSMU.
  4. The parties declare they have the power and capacity to enter the Agreement
  5. The SSMU should not be held liable for: (i) for any loss, theft or damage to the tenant’s property during the Agreement term, (ii) the consequences of any breach by the tenant of the terms and conditions of the Agreement, (iii) for any ticket sale losses, (iv) any injury caused to persons located within the Rental Space during the Agreement term, or (v) generally, the exercise of the SSMU’s rights under the Agreement or the law.
  6. The SSMU cannot be held responsible for any loss of sales resulting from any repairs conducted by the SSMU or one of its contractors within the building.
  7. The signee agrees to reimburse SSMU for any damages or losses caused to its property during the event.
  8. The signee agrees to indemnify SSMU and save it harmless from and against all claims, actions and expenses caused by the use or occupancy of the tenant of the Rental Space, resulting in (i) nuisance to other occupants, (ii) damage to the Rental Space, or (iii) a personal injury or loss of life.
  9. The SSMU reserves the right to terminate this agreement upon the occurrence of, amongst others: (i) an event of non-payment by the tenant, (ii) if the tenant is found to have caused or maintained any nuisance in, at or on the Rental Space, (iii) uses the Rental Space for purposes other than those designated in the Agreement, (iv) fails to comply with all requirements of all applicable laws and regulations (including SSMU Bylaws and SSMU Events Regulations referred to in the Agreement), (v) causes damages to the Rental Space, or (vi) breaches the terms and conditions of the Agreement.
  10. The SSMU reserves the right to require the tenant to vacate the Rental Space upon termination of the Agreement.
  11. The signee can terminate the Agreement prior to thirty (30) days from the event, being the “Termination Dates”. Outside of the Termination Dates, the tenant is bound to the payment of a cancellation fee should it terminate the Agreement, equal to 100% of the charges estimated in the Agreement.
  12. The signee may not be entitled to a reduction in amounts owing to SSMU under any circumstance including, but not limited to, a reduction or non-payment of amounts owing to SSMU because of renovations, acts of God, force majeure, etc.
  13. The signee will be responsible for the arrangement and payment of services mentioned in this agreement.
  14. The methods of payment accepted by SSMU are: VISA, MasterCard, Cheque and PayPal. Please provide the number of this Agreement as reference. Any amounts owing are to be paid to the order of the Students’ Society of McGill University. Payments are processed by the SSMU Accounting Department.
  15. A deposit representing 50% of rental charges estimated in this Agreement must be paid 30 days in advance from the date of the event. If payable by cheque, the contract/agreement would be subject to termination should the cheque bounce.
  16. The capacity of the room is to be respected during the event. SSMU reserves the right to operate crowd control and to verify the compliance of this condition during the event without previous notice. Charges post-event will apply if crowd control was indeed necessary.
  17. The SSMU reserves right to free access to the Rental Space at all times and for any reason during the Agreement term.
  18. Blocking of entrances and staircases by guests, event organizers or furniture are prohibited. All emergency exits must remain clear at all times for safety purposes.
  19. If the tenant causes damage to the space or causes the space to be inaccessible after the rental period the SSMU shall charge the tenant for each day (full rental cost in addition to any cleaning, material costs) until the room becomes suitable for use again.
  20. Any promotional materials to be used must be approved by SSMU before they are posted.
  21. No signs or posters are to be taped or tacked onto walls, stairways or any painted surfaces. Please verify if your decorations are compliant with SSMU Events Regulations before attempting any installation.
  22. All decorations must be taken down once the event is over. If there is anything left and SSMU has to clean it out or clear it out, then cleaning charges will apply.
  23. No storage over night is allowed. If anything is left over night then storage pricing will be applied to the final invoice.
  24. If there is anything left and not claimed the following day, then SSMU will dispose of it.
  25. The signee agrees to abide by the provincial regulations regarding alcohol and tobacco use, including but not limited to: (i) Refraining from bringing outside alcohol into the Building, (ii) any desired alcohol consumption must be ordered with a minimum of two weeks before the event, (iii) the consumption of alcohol can only take place in the venue where the event is happening, (iv) no alcohol consumption will be tolerated in corridors, stairs, entries or surrounding areas of the SSMU Building, (v) no underage participants will be admitted into events offering alcohol and/or inside Gerts.
  26. All components of the reserved areas must be in their original condition after the event: (i) SSMU reserves the right to apply cleaning charges post-event if it is deemed necessary, (ii) SSMU reserves the right to charge cleaning services if an event happens on any given Sunday or during the Summer.
  27. If the event extends beyond building opening hours, SSMU reserves the right to charge Porters fees post-event.
  28. The signee agrees to verify beforehand the consumption of food or beverages during the event, (i) No water bottles are permitted into the SSMU Building. This is an environmental measure.
  29. The signee agrees to provide all information (contact information, service provided, and hours of service) regarding providers needed for the event to happen.
  30. The signee agrees to reimburse SSMU for any damages or loses caused to SSMU property during the event, including but not limited to audio visual equipment or furniture or any item as per the Equipment Rental Form (if applicable).
  31.  The signee agrees to provide their own technician should they have bands or other types of live music, and accepts responsibility for loss, theft, or damage of any of the SSMU equipment or Gerts sound equipment.
  32. All SSMU staff scheduled for the event leaves after the last guest in the venue, even if it creates overtime regarding hours scheduled for the event. The signee agrees to cover the cost for extra hours.
  33. The organizers of the event declare that the room will be used for the group and the event described here. No booking on behalf of someone else will be accepted.
  34. If for any reason, security agents had to be assigned to the event and this was not established in the contract or they had to stay beyond the estimated hours, the signee agrees to cover the cost of the security agents.
  35. The present agreement does not create a relationship between the SSMU and the tenant.
  36. All materials using the SSMU name and/or log must be reviewed and consented by the SSMU.
  37. The SSMU may advertise and/or promote its services using the tenant name or logo.
  38. No open flames are allowed anywhere in the building. Use of burners, candles, incense, etc., will trigger the alarm and prompt for evacuation.
  39. The signee agrees to assume the fine from the Municipality (in case of a false alarm) if clause 38 is disregarded during this event.
  40. No cooking or food preparation is permitted anywhere except the kitchen.
  41. An external catering fee may be applied at any time at the discretion of SSMU.