How to request alcohol service

Offering alcohol during your event? Find out how.

If your event requires alcohol, the first thing you need to know is that you can only provide this service via Gerts. No outside alcohol is allowed in the Building as per the limits of SSMU’s alcohol license.

So, how to get alcohol for your event?

  1. E-mail the Event Administrator with the reservation details including if minors will be present.
  2. Once the venue has been secured and approved, then the Event Administrator will contact you to discuss the alcohol order.
  3. Sign a contract.

Things you should know about having an event with alcohol.

  1. Security is mandatory to ensure the safety of your guests. The number of agents is decided by the Head of Security and the Events Manager.
  2. Security services incur an additional cost.
  3. For pricing information, please contact the Event Administrator.

What we expect from you as an organizer of an event

Please communicate to your guests that underage drinking and bringing alcohol from outside to an event held at SSMU is not tolerated. If either of these rules are broken:

  • Security will confiscate and dispose of the outside alcohol.
  • Security reserves the right to ask the person to leave the event if they are found breaking the rules.
  • A note will be added to the system for further bookings. The event administrators reserves the right to reject any reservations made by the group in the future.
  • Your following events will require Security whether there is alcohol involved or not.
  • We also expect you to establish a culture of responsible drinking during your events. Security also checks for any behavior or conduct that might put someone’s health at risk. If your group is known for hosting heavy drinking alcohol events, please note that the measures of security required for your event will be more demanding. Furthermore, neither drinking games nor casino games are permitted.