If you are part of a SSMU Club, Service or ISG


SSMU Club, SSMU Service or recognized ISG

Room Bookings

  • 15 hours per week of subsidized room bookings for SSMU Clubs and 10 hours for SSMU Services and ISG groups.
  • Possibility of booking rooms within 2 months of advance from the date of the event
  • Includes tables and chairs already available in the room
  • Includes AV equipment already built in the room
  • Includes AV equipment that can be brought into the room provided availability

Table bookings

  • Possibility of booking tables within 6 weeks in advance

Extra charges

  • If your booking is required beyond building hours, you will incur in extra charges
  • If special cleaning is needed after your event, you will incur in extra charges
  • If crowd control was necessary, you will incur in extra charges
  • Alcohol service has a cost apart; please see here for more information
  • If you book more than 15 hours in a given week, you must pay the “McGill Community rate” starting the 16th hour and every subsequent hour
  • Services such as porter services, security, stage relocation, cleaning, AV technician, event coordination, alcohol service, etc., generate extra charges and require the signature of an “Event Agreement”.


  • Booking must be submitted via booking system at least two business days in advance and within 2 months before the date of the event
  • Provide all the information regarding your event to the best of your knowledge. The more information you provide, the more promptly your request can be processed
  • When you book a room with SSMU, you agree to respect the Bylaws and these Terms and Conditions


  • You will need to create an account using your club e-mail.
  • Select your club name from the drop down menu. (Please note that words like McGill, Student, Association, Group, Foundation, Chapter, Students for and similar generic words have been removed from the name of your group due to lack of space).
  • Make sure your position is included in the Student Group Information.
  • If at any given time you need help with the new system, please contact the Events Administrator.
  • Please allow three business days for the activation of your account.