Room Booking Information


Whether you have a weekly meeting, a big party, a general assembly, a rehearsal or you are just looking for an adequate place to meet your club members and get things done, the SSMU building has ten rooms available for booking.

Booking a room is a complex process. It requires coordination between admin staff, security, porters and sometimes Gerts. It also involves several departments within SSMU. We receive different types of requests and many of them arrive at the same time. In average, the Events Administration receives between 25 and 30 booking requests per day, all of them unique in nature and demanding different responses. In general, processing a booking requires a minimum of three business days. However, the more you stick to the process as outlined in this section, the easier it is to receive a confirmation in a timely manner.

You will find the following structure:

  1. A quick reference.
  2. An explanation on what to do depending whether you are currently planning your event, or if your event is about to happen, or what to expect after it. Find these three paragraphs below this list and the presentations.
  3. On the side menu you will find direct links to every step of the process like equipment rental, alcohol order, building hours, Executive Contact Sheet, quick links, tips and much more.
  4. Go to quick links on the side menu to book rooms.

Timing and deadlines

Important considerations

The three stages of an event

Browse the following section to know what to do at the three stages of an event:

1. Before the event

2. The day of the event

3. After the event

Contact Information

Feel free to contact the Events Administrator for questions or comments regarding room bookings. The easiest way to contact me is via e-mail. I commit to answering your e-mail within 48 hours. Your booking request will also receive a response within the next three business days.

You can also call me at 514-398-6804. However, for complex situations, please give preference to communication via e-mail. It is often easier for me to answer an e-mail than to call back. Please note that you cannot request a room booking over the phone.

If at any given time you have not received a response to either your e-mail or your booking request, please feel free to reiterate your message or to ask the Front Desk to remind me about your e-mail or message.