Sustainable Events Resources

Collaborate to help make your event as sustainable as possible!

Please see below some resources that will help you to coordinate a sustainable event.

You can also reach out and consult with the Environment Commissioner directly!


Green Events Guide 

The Green Events Guide is a great resource that can direct you to alternative sources for everything from food, printing, merchandise, alcohol options and where you can find these things in the city. It also has information on sustainability groups around campus that so you can get in touch with Organic Campus, Midnight Kitchen or the Plate Club (to name a few) and collaborate to help make your event as sustainable as possible!


Green Fund Application

Green Fund Application

The Green Fund of the SSMU was created to fund sustainable initiatives by student groups and promote a culture of sustainability on campus, raise awareness, reduce emissions, and hold more environmentally responsible events. The fund offers monetary support to initiatives that reduce the environmental impact of a group, SSMU or the McGill community. Any member or group within the membership of the Society who has not opted-out of the fee may seek funding for such initiatives. Applications are accepted throughout the entire year. The fund works by offsetting the difference in costs since more sustainable options tend to be more expensive.


Green Events Checklist 

Use the Green Events Checklist as a standard criteria for reoccurring events, or to see how you have done when you assess the environmental impact of your first event! Its a good way to track changes and see where your group can improvements next time you plan a successful event!

 Green Events Checklist


Food Sustainability Guide

Many clubs often bring their own food to feed attendees of their events—whether it be workshops, meeting or fundraisers—with over 250 clubs all of this adds up. While purchasing processed or ready made food is convenient, please be aware that processed foods, like all of our lifestyle choices are not immune to having an impact on the environment.

Food Sustainability – A General Student Resource