How to get equipment

This is how you book it

  1. Simply select the equipment with your room booking via our new online system.
  2. Go to My Requests and edit the information. You can edit up to 2 business days in advance.
  3. There is no extra form to fill out!
  4. If you need to rent outdoor equipment, please let the Events Manager know first (send an email).

This is how you get it

  1. At the start of the reserved time of your booking, contact the porters.
  2. Method 1 to contact the porters: 514-617-0081 and 514-617-0082
  3. Method 2 to contact the porters: go to level S2 (take the elevator), find the porters office and ask for the equipment.
  4. Exchange your McGill ID for the equipment, bring it to the room.
  5. Once you are done, exchange the equipment for your ID.

This is your responsibility while renting it

You are responsible for any damages that happen to the equipment during use. The necessary repairs will be invoiced to your group. If you lose an item, its replacement will be invoiced  to your group as well.

Useful information

  1. We have audio visual technicians to assist you during the event, at an additional cost.
  2. The availability of the equipment is on a first come first serve basis.
  3. While you are using the equipment, you are responsible for it. Any damages or loses will be billed to you. Make sure to return the equipment to the porters in the same state as when you received it.
  4. Never leave the equipment unattended.

Other sources of equipment on Campus

ICS McGill. Please see here for AV equipment.