VP University Affairs

Social Justice Days Coordinator

Pay: Paid Position
Hours: 1-2 hours per week before the event, 10 hours in the week before the event, 20 hours during the week of the event, 10 hours after the event.

Job Description

The Social Justice Days Coordinator will be working with the Vice-President (University Affairs) and QPIRG to plan budget, the structure of the event an arrange all necessary for media, rent or purchase the necessary media and/or equipment, organize the necessary space and present the plan to the Vice-President (University Affairs):

  1. Assist with set-up and on-site organization of the Social Justice Days event;
  2. Be the main contact person for all Social Justice Days event participants;
  3. Coordinate the advertising of Social Justice Days through all necessary media, including, but not limited to, postering;
  4. Recruit and coordinate volunteers to ensure the seamless of operation of all Social Justice Days events;
    Adhere to all standard accounting procedures of the SSMU;
  5. Write an exit report, to be delivered to the SSMU Vice-President (University Affairs) and the External Coordinator of QPIRG in both digital and hard copies by April 20th, 2013.

The contract is from ASAP until March 30th, 2013.


  • Good Knowledge of SSMU and QPIRG.
  • Integrity, good planning skills, interpersonal skills, high degree of organization skills.
  • Good communication skills verbal and written both in English and French desirable.

To Apply

Application Deadline: January 13th, 2013

All applications must be submitted through our application portal found on our facebook page here:


We reject many applicants simply because their applications are full of typographical, grammar, or spelling errors.

Questions? Email jobs@ssmu.mcgill.ca

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