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$35 dollars

POLI 426 – les quebecois aux urnes – from bastien, belanger and...

textbook for poli 426 - very good condition


$35 dollars

POLI 426 – les partis quebecois dans la tourmente – from pellet...

excellent condition -


$20 dollars

pop, rock and soul (third edition) – MUAR 392

textbook for MUAR 392 - very good condition


$30 dollars

MUAR 211 – Listen (seventh edition) from joseph kerman and Gary tomli...

textbook for MUAR 211 - very good condition - unused + CD included



Biostatistical Analysis- 5th edition by Zar

Used for biol373, mandatory textbook for biometry class, very useful



Redefining Multicultural Education by Ratna Ghosh & Mariusz Galczynski

This book is a bit worn out on the outside, but the pages insides are still very intact. It was used for Equity and Education (EDEC 248).



Grammar for Teachers by John Seely

This book is in good shape and was used for Essentials of English Grammar (EDSL 350).



Mosby’s Medical, Nursing & Allied Health Dictionary 5th Ed

Topics include: medical terminology, anatomy/physiology, calculations, paediatrics, pharmacology, etc.



Management of Occupational Health and Safety

Mandatory book for INDR Occupational Health and Safety



Econ 208 Crash Course

SOS Tutoring Crash course pack for Microeconomics - Also has practice questions and final

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