Welcome to MiniCourses!

Due to popular demand, MiniCourses is offering a limited extended registration period. Registration will officially close on January 27. All registrants are subject to listed prices regardless of whether they miss a first class.


MiniCourses are fun, inexpensive non-credit courses offered by the Students’ Society of McGill University. The courses are typically held on evenings or weekends on McGill’s downtown campus, and are optimal for students seeking to learn a new skill or hobby outside of class time. Non-McGill students are welcome to register for MiniCourses for an additional $5.00 registration fee. Courses are normally structured as eight one-week sessions, beginning at the end of the academic add-drop period, and ending a week before the final exam period.

Courses begin the week of January 23, meaning that the first Monday class will be on the 23rd, the first Tuesday class will be on the 24th, the first Wednesday class on the 25th, etc.