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The McGill Pre-Law Society was founded in 2009, as a response to the growing interest of students to acquire important resources and information to aid in the law school application and preparation process. The Society consists of a group of undergraduate students who offer resources including but not limited to workshops, seminars, online information, speakers, opportunities to liaise with law students and professionals in the field, and more! All of these events that we put on throughout the year are integral in helping our members decide if law school is the right fit for them and what kinds of law they might be interested in. We also offer workshops and advice to help our members along every step of the application process.  We put together a Law Forum, which is a great opportunity for students to choose the right law school for them. In addition to seminars and workshops, we offer a mentorship program whereby we match students up with a lawyer or law student in the Montreal area. Possible activities may include shadowing the mentor for a portion of their day, attending court hearings or attending classes.


Our goal at the McGill Pre-Law Student’s Society is to provide invaluable opportunities and services to inform our members about the field of law and support students as they navigate their undergraduate degree and the law school application process.

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