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Our Services

Connecting Musicians

Are you looking to join a band or are you in a band looking for band mates? We are here to help you find each other.

Facilitating Music Making

Are you looking to jam with others or form a band, or are you in a band looking for a jam space? We have open jam sessions in a fully equipped jam space that you can book for band practices. We also organize workshops on various aspects of music.

Performance Opportunities

Are you a music venue or an organization requiring live music, or are you looking for paid and unpaid performance opportunities? We offer a referral service and keep you in touch with opportunities both within McGill and around Montreal. In addition, we host various events, such as open mics, that give McGill students a chance to perform.

Instrument Bank

Have you come to Montreal without your instruments or are you leaving Montreal and your instruments behind? We are here to accept your donations so others can keep the music alive.

Promoting Music Education

Are you a music major wanting to gain teaching experience or are you looking for affordable music lessons? We are here to help you.

How to use our Service

For our performance referral service, please fill in the Musicians Request Form.

For all other enquiries (e.g. looking for that missing drummer), please send us an email at muscollective@gmail.com

To join our mailing list (as a musician or a band), please send us a simply email (muscollective@gmail.com) with your name (or band name), instruments, approximate level/experience, interests (genre) and any specific opportunity you are looking for (optional).


The Musician's Collective was founded in 2010 by Edwin Ip. The idea arose from a desire to help musicians find fellow musicians with whom they could jam and start bands. Since our foundation, we have also offered referral, event organizing and consultation services to organizations around Montreal who wish to feature live music at their events, with Aramark being our first client as we organized and programmed music for an annual holiday banquet for them. Within our first few months, we also expanded our service to help connect those (especially early career musicians) interested in teaching with those interested in taking music lessons. In 2012, we became a student service of SSMU (Student’s Society of McGill University) and were renamed the SSMU Musician’s Collective. We have since acquired a jam space, plenty of equipments and an instrument bank.

Past Presidents

Edwin Ip (2010 - 2012)
Katrina Bartellas (2012)
Stefan Fong (2012 - 2013)
Thoko Phiri (2013 - 2014)
Matt Garry (2014 - present)