Executive Elections

We’ll be having our second meeting next Wednesday, September 20, at 5:30 PM in the Blue Room, which is on the fourth floor of the SSMU building. We’ll be holding our exec elections.

If you’re interested in running you can read more about the positions in our constitution, which is under our About Us tab. Hope to see you there!

Niki Ashton


  • Member of Parliament for the Manitoba riding of Churchill—Keewatinook Aski since 2008
  • NDP shadow cabinet critic for Jobs, Employment and Workforce Development
  • Former Chair of the House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women
  • Former university instructor
  • Bachelor of Arts in Global Political Economy from University of Manitoba
  • Master of Arts in International Affairs from Carleton University
  • Currently completing a PhD in Peace and Conflict studies from University of Manitoba
  • 34 years old

Education Policy

  • Eliminate university tuition and provide debt relief to recent graduates by doubling the income repayment threshold
  • Lower tuition for international students and provide them with a means to apply for citizenship after they graduate
  • Increase funding for indigenous students and extend the funding to Metis students
  • More government funding for university research

Racial Policy

  • Provide a pathway to citizenship for migrant workers and TFWs
  • Repeal bill c-51
  • End carding at the federal level and removing police access to the data base
  • Implement truth and reconciliation commission’s advise
  • Make the RCMP more transparent and accountable, and mandate racial justice training
  • Expand the mandate of the Canadian Human Rights Commission to address racial and sexual violence committed by police
  • Protect the rights of transgender and indigenous prisoners
  • Invest in in-prison education and training for youth offenders
  • Apply labour laws to prisons
  • Release and pardon those convicted of cannabis possession and consumption
  • Ban employers from inquiring into certain non-violent convictions
  • Stop racial targeting at border crossings
  • Repeal the STA, SATA and no-fly lists

Indigenous Policy

  • End economic discrimination towards aboriginal communities
  • Implement accountability and transparency in the funding relations between the federal government and aboriginal communities
  • Lift barrier for off-reserve shelter funding and invest in subsidized, affordable housing and infrastructure
  • Provide clean drinking water to those communities with boil water advisories
  • Implement legal reforms and explore alternatives to imprisonment to address the high rates of incarceration for aboriginals
  • Provide payments, based off of land claims, to aboriginal communities so that they may purchase land near urban centres
  • Provide equal access to health care for aboriginal children in accordance with Jordan’s Principle
  • Recognize Metis rights and make sure their claims are addressed
  • Address the food security crisis facing northern communities
  • Honour our treaty obligations

Environmental Policy

  • Create a crown agency, Green Canada, and investment bank to promote sustainable development
  • Create four Green Canada Advisory Boards for forestry, agriculture, fishing and energy
  • Create sustainable jobs and ensure youth employment in these green jobs
  • Retool fabrication shops and factories to make them more environmentally friendly
  • Create green, affordable housing as well as a national retrofit strategy for existing housing
  • Provide off grid communities with clean energy
  • Phase out fossil fuels for home heating and eliminating gas vehicles by 2040
  • Fund research into pollution fighting technology
  • Invest in green transportation and provide more funding for things like sidewalks, cycling facilities and other projects that would encourage the reduction of carbon emissions
  • Electrify Canada’s transportation network
  • Stop Kinder Morgan
  • Reduce GHG emissions to 30% below 2005 levels by 2025
  • Adopt a carbon budget
  • Do more to help those affected by climate change, particularly women and girls
  • Increase contributions to the Green Climate Fund and provide grants to developing countries to decarbonize their economies
  • Reform the Environmental Impact Assessment Processes so that federal infrastructure projects are compatible with environmental commitments
  • Develop safe, clean and sustainable public energy sources

Gender Policy

  • Tackle gender and sexual violence with a national action plan that will have $500,000,000 in funding
  • Work with provinces and post-secondary educational institutes to implement sexual violence policies
  • Fund research on the wellbeing and needs of woman and trans folk
  • Ensure that no one loses housing or employment because of gender based discrimination or domestic violence via new National Housing and Employment standards
  • Reform the justice system to better protect victims of sexual violence
  • Ensure access to reproductive health care and better maternity care for those in rural, northern and indigenous communities
  • Invest in a global fund to support the end of gender violence internationally

LGBT+ Policy

  • Provide equal access to health for trans individuals
  • Provide a non-binary option for federal IDs
  • Support federal data collection for the trans community
  • End the blood ban on men and trans women who have sex with men
  • Work with the provinces to protect gender identity and sexual diversity
  • Provide support for LGBT+ students and youth

Disability Policy

  • Implement the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities and optional protocol
  • Amend the immigration and refugee protection act so that disabled people cannot be discriminated against
  • Hire and retain more disabled people
  • Create a National Disability Strategy and Disability Income Program in collaboration with the provinces, municipalities and community representatives
  • Extend the assured income program for people with disabilities
  • Make sign language (both ASL and LSQ) available at federal offices
  • Encourage and reward the hiring and retention of disabled people
  • Require all NDP meetings and campaign offices be physically accessible, have captions for party videos and sign language interpretation at general meetings, and break down any barriers disabled people might face in running for the party

Economic Policy

  • Create a national jobs program
  • Create a Canada First national investment strategy
  • End corporate bailouts that end up in executive bonuses
  • End unemployment caused by prejudicial discrimination
  • Reject job-killing trade deals
  • Strengthen competition laws
  • Make restrictions on foreign takeovers even stronger
  • Create a national post office bank
  • Create a living income policy

Tax Policy

  • Raises taxes on rich with two new high income tax brackets of 32% on income between $150,000 and $202,800, and 38% on income over $300,000.
  • Lower the threshold for incomes taxed at 29% from $142,353 to $120,000
  • These changes to income tax are expected to generate $4,500,000,000
  • Eliminate the 50% tax exemption on capital gains income. This is expected to generate $10,000,000,000
  • Introduce a $1,000,000 lifetime cap on capital gains exemption for principal residences and a 10% surtax on capital gains from non-principal residences to slow real estate speculation. This is expected to generate $1,500,000,000
  • Raise taxes on large corporations to 21%. This is expected to generate $9,000,000,000
  • Introduce a financial activities tax of 5% for banks and banking executive bonuses. Expected to generate $5,000,000,000
  • Eliminate subsidies for fossil fuel companies. Expected to generate $1,500,000,000
  • Close corporate tax loopholes. This is expected to raise $4,500,000,000
  • Crack down on tax evasion. This is expected to raise $1,500,000,000
  • Extend the Guaranteed Income Supplement for seniors. This is expected to cost $2,000,000,000
  • Expand disability benefits. This is expected to cost $1,000,000,000
  • Double the GST/HST tax credit. Expected to cost $5,000,000,000
  • Introduce a financial transactions tax of 0.5% on purchases of stocks. This is expected to raise $3,500,000,000
  • Cap TFSA contributions at $2,500/year and max out $50,000 (with a grandfather clause), and cap RRSP contributions at $20,000/year. Expected to generate $1,000,000,000
  • Introduce an estate tax on inheritances over $4,000,000 to be taxed at $45%. This will raise an estimated $2,000,000,000
  • Introduce a progressive wealth tax on assets with a net worth of $1,000,000 or more of 1% and rising to 1.5% on assets of $10,000,000 or more. Will raise $3,000,000,000
  • Expected revenue: $47,000,000,000. Expected cost: $8,000,000,000. Net revenue/cost: $39,000,000,000

Health Policy

  • Provide universal and accessible Pharmacare for life saving and essential drugs, including medications that are critical for mental and reproductive health
  • Create a Canada Drug Agency
  • Set price limits on patented brand name drugs
  • Provide free preventative dental care and increase access to basic dental services
  • Work with provinces to provide public dental insurance coverage
  • Tackle social and economic factors that contribute to mental health problems
  • Provide better and more comprehensive mental health services to indigenous people
  • Create a national mental health care system in collaboration with health care provides
  • Ensure workers have access to paid sick leave
  • Decriminalize addiction
  • Provide better support to first responders
  • Address the overdose crisis
  • Close the gap between mental health services for youth and adults

Other Policies

  • Implement Mixed Member Proportional with regional lists
  • Support a balanced position and a just peace in the Middle East


For more information please visit http://www.nikiashton2017.ca/

Charlie Angus


  • Member of Parliament for the Ontario riding of Timmins—James Bay since 2004
  • NDP shadow cabinet critic for Indigenous and Northern Affairs
  • NDP caucus chair
  • Vice-chair of the Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs
  • Former School Board Trustee in Timmins
  • Former activist for the homeless and musician
  • Author of seven books
  • 54 years old

Housing Policy

  • Work with other levels of government to provide local solutions to the housing crisis
  • Create a National Low Income Housing Benefit and an Affordable Housing Initiative Credit
  • More funding for existing and new social housing
  • Promote co-operative housing
  • Commit to ending homelessness
  • Expand the Homelessness Partnering Strategy

Indigenous Policy

  • Create an ombudsperson position for indigenous children
  • Would have an independent audit and investigation into Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada and Health Canada’s indigenous programs
  • Work with the PBO and Indigenous leadership to try and have indigenous people take more control over their services
  • Actually respect s.35 of the charter and adopt UNDRIP
  • Make the government more accountable to indigenous people in terms of indigenous affairs

Environmental Policy

  • Create a national carbon budget and a national carbon budget council
  • Create a crown agency to promote sustainable development
  • Eliminate subsidies in the oil and gas sector

Labour Policy

  • Increase the max Working Income Tax Benefit to $1000 & make it available to full-time workers
  • Raise federal minimum wage to $15/hour, and index it to inflation
  • Ensuring federal assistance to business creates and preserves jobs in Canada
  • Repeal Bill C-27 to protect pensions
  • Go after corporate tax havens
  • Reform Canada’s labour laws, include new anti-scab legislation
  • Reform and expand Canada’s skills development programs
  • Lower the required hours for EI eligibility to 360
  • Expand parental benefits to 70% of salary up to the maximum insurable earnings as well as lower the eligibility requirements
  • Pharmacare

Urban Policy

  • Make housing a right
  • Improve public transit and intercity transportation
  • Improve environmental standards for construction, fight urban sprawl
  • Develop local food security strategies to fight hunger
  • Provide better funding for ESL classes, employment assistance, and other services for new Canadians
  • Make cities more accessible for individuals with disabilities
  • Better fund science and academic research
  • Eliminate tuition for post-secondary education
  • Set standards for mental health and sexual assault policies
  • Eliminate loan interest on student loans
  • Provide more funding for PSSSP for indigenous students
  • Ensure access to high speed internet and bringing costs down
  • Create a resale right for artists, enabling them to collect royalties from resale of their works, and income tax averaging for artists
  • Create a Neighbourhood Ownership Program and Fund to set up democratically governed neighbourhood corporations
  • Community Benefits Agreements
  • Establish new governance frameworks for our cities to give them more of a say in policies that impact them

Party Policy

  • Ensure communication between the party and the riding associations through on the ground organizers and regional councils
  • Create gender balanced, permanent, deliberative, and democratically elected policy development bodies much like citizens’ assemblies
  • Commit to frequent issue based tours to different parts of the country in order to remain connected with the grassroots
  • Help riding associations fundraise
  • Respect Quebec
  • Work towards reconciliation via permanent party structures to ensure Indigenous voice are always heard

Economic Policy

  • Give workers of a closing business the right to purchase their business and restructure it as a worker co-operative
  • Provide worker co-operatives with capital funding to make up for the lack of EI
  • Implement social purchasing for government entities
  • Invest in the Canadian Co-operative Investment Fund
  • Create a Community Economic Development Tax Credit to stimulate locally owned and administered finance
  • Harmonize the federal and provincial legislation and regulations around co-operatives
  • Support innovative new co-operative forms
  • Create a new Co-operative Development Initiative to provide technical assistance, small capital loans, and business support to co-operatives through the regional development agencies


For more information please visit http://www.charlieangusndp.ca/

Guy Caron


  • Member of Parliament for the Quebec riding of Rimouski-Neigette—Témiscouata—Les Basques since 2011
  • NDP shadow cabinet critic for Finance and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
  • NDP Quebec caucus chairperson
  • Former economist, researcher, and journalist
  • Former national president of the Canadian Federation of Students
  • Bachelor’s degree in Communications from University of Ottawa
  • Master’s degree in Economics from Université du Québec à Montréal
  • 49 years old

Environmental Policy

  • Investing in environmentally friendly transportation such as electric high speed rail and public transit
  • Carbon pricing starting at $50/tonne in 2020 to reduce GHG emissions to 30% below 2005 levels by 2025
  • Phase out fossil fuel dependent cars
  • Invest in research into and the development of lithium and rare earth metals
  • Accept climate migrants and advocate that other countries do so as well
  • Implement a Carbon Border Adjustment Tax
  • Funding for electrical transportation and charging stations
  • Rebates on the purchases of electric vehicles
  • Investing in renewable energy
  • Overhaul the NEB and divide it into a Canadian Energy Transmission Commission and a Canadian Energy Information Agency
  • Ending fossil fuel subsidies
  • Commit to UNDRIP
  • Creation of reviews every five-year on the progress of our reduction goals

Anti-Poverty Policy

  • Create a basic income for Canadians living below the low-income cut-off line
  • Merge basic income with the childcare benefit and guaranteed income supplement
  • Keep social programs intact

Labour Policy

  • Investing $90,000,000,000 over 10 years in large-scale, job creating infrastructure projects to help the transition into a more green and automated economy
  • Updating the Canadian Labour Code, including decreasing the workday from 8 hours to 7
  • $15/hour min. wage
  • Paid sick leave
  • Promote full-time permanent work
  • Create a Community Economic Development Program to direct investments toward Indigenous, rural, and remote communities
  • Reducing the number of required hours for EI from 900 to 360
  • Allow individuals who lose jobs because the economy is transitioning away from their industry to receive CPP payments starting at 60
  • Introduce Activity Accounts for Lifetime Learning for every Canadian
  • Introduce a Green Economy and Skills Survey

Tax Policy

  • Increase corporate tax rate from 15% to 19%
  • Create a Tax Crimes Division within the department of justice
  • Introduce a Financial Activities Tax on the profits of financial institutions
  • Eliminate CEO stock option loopholes
  • Introduce a Wealth Tax of 1% on the net worth of the wealthiest 10%
  • Crack down on tax havens via a 1% of funds tax on havens that withhold taxes
  • Introduce an inheritance tax of 45% on assets over $5,000,000
  • Limit RRSP Contributions to $20,000
  • Eliminate subsidies for fossil fuels
  • Tax the profits of foreign e-commerce corporations
  • Eliminate the corporate meals & entertainment deductions
  • Cap interest payments to offshore subsidiaries
  • Cut tax from 15% to 14% for income under $45,000 and raise tax from 20.5% to 22% on income over $45,000
  • Projected revenue from all these is estimated to be $31,300,000,000

Quebec Policy

  • Pass a federal version of Bill 101 to apply to all Quebec businesses
  • Recognize Quebec’s right to legislate secularism within Quebec
  • Make bilingualism a requirement for Supreme Court judges
  • Open a dialogue with Quebec so as to get their signature on the Constitution
  • Hire 10 organizers for Quebec to target 60 winnable ridings in the next election

Electoral Reform Policy

  • First government bill will be one that changes the voting system from FPTP to MMP
  • After two elections a referendum will be held to ratify the changes
  • Electoral reform will be a prerequisite for any alliance with another party


For more information please visit http://en.guycaron.ca/

Jagmeet Singh


  • Member of Provincial Parliament of Ontario for Bramalea—Gore—Malton since 2011
  • ONDP critic for the Attorney General of Ontario and for the Consumer Services
  • Deputy House Leader of the ONDP
  • Member of the Bar of the Law Society of Upper Canada
  • Former criminal defence lawyer
  • Bachelor of Science in biology from University of Western Ontario
  • Bachelor of Laws from Osgoode Hall Law School
  • 38 years old

Labour Policy

  • Implement a $15/hour, indexed to inflation, minimum wage for federal employees
  • Revise and update the Canadian Labour Code with specific emphasis on contract/temp work, pay/benefit inequality, and unions
  • Eliminate unpaid internships under federal jurisdiction and ensure that temp workers under federal jurisdiction receive the same wages, benefits, and working conditions as permanent full-time workers doing comparable work
  • Require temporary workers be made permanent employees after working a cumulative total of six months
  • Reinstate the fair wages and hours of labour act
  • Create a Community Benefits Agreements framework for federal infrastructure projects to provide communities accountability, enforceable targets, and what those communities see as benefits

Anti-poverty Policy

  • Introduce the Working Canadian Guarantee, an income-tested wage subsidy for workers, that will triple support for low income workers working full-time on minimum wage
  • Combine existing seniors’ benefits (OAS, GIS, AC, PIC) into a single, income-tested benefit called the Canada Seniors Guarantee
  • Introduce an income-tested, non-taxable basic income for Canadians with severe disabilities called the Canadians with Disabilities Guarantee

Tax Policy

  • Introduce two new tax brackets for high income earners. The first will be 2% higher than the existing marginal rate on incomes greater than $350,000 and less than $500,000. The second will be 4% higher than the existing marginal rate (and 2% higher than the aforementioned rate) on incomes greater than $500,000
  • Increase the capital gains inclusion rate from 50% to 75%
  • Introduce an estate tax of 40% on assets greater than $4 million with exemptions on primary residences
  • Increase the Corporate Income Tax rate from 15% to 19.5%
  • End corporate perks such as tax write-offs for luxuries like box seat tickets
  • Crack down on tax evasion
  • Create a Tax Fairness Commission

Environmental Policy

  • Reduce carbon emissions to 30% of 2005 levels by 2025
  • Create a National Public Transit Strategy to help reduce congestion
  • Phase out coal by 2030
  • Reduce methane emissions
  • Create a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) agenda that will introduce a levy on high emission vehicles, rebates on ZEVs, and investments in electric charging stations
  • Phase out fossil fuel subsidies and tax breaks for the fossil fuel industry by 2020
  • Invest in environmentally friendly infrastructure and build a renewable energy supergrid
  • Create an independent officer of parliament position called the Climate Change Action Officer
  • Empower the CESD to gather data from each province and territory on progress toward greenhouse gas emissions reductions and measure this progress against Federal-Provincial-Territorial targets every two years
  • Create a climate change action advisory group
  • Require publicly traded companies in Canada to have their public financial filings include information about climate related risks

Indigenous Policy

  • Respect the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP)
  • Oppose the Energy East and Kinder Morgan pipelines
  • Include indigenous people in forming government policy

LGTB+ Policy

  • Repeal the ban on blood, tissue and organ donation by men, and trans women, who have sex with men
  • Provide funding to improve access to proper health care for LGBT+ members and research on the specific health needs of LGBT+ individuals
  • Advocate for policy changes around non-medically necessary surgery at birth for babies born intersex to allow them to self-identify their gender at a later age
  • Allow applicants for federal IDs, such as passports, to self-declare their gender and include a non-binary option without requiring medical documentation or additional fees
  • Update the Secure Air Travel Act to remove the gender markers requirement and advocate for similar changes to be made internationally
  • Require LGBT+ competency training for CBSA and RCMP members
  • Update the census to include LGBT+ specific questions
  • Work with provinces to remove gender from provincial IDs
  • Ensure that provincial Child Welfare services do not place LBTG+ youth in homo- or trans- phobic placements
  • Create and fund an opt-in registry of foster homes that are safe for and trained to care for LGBT+ youth
  • Provide training to shelter and housing service providers in order to make these places safer spaces for LGBT+ youth
  • Prioritize the hiring of LGBT+ staff for shelters and transitional housing facilities
  • Add private bath and change rooms to all shelters and housing programs
  • End segregation of shelters and transitional housing facilities by sex or gender


For more information please visit: http://www.jagmeetsingh.ca/

New Co-Presidents

A huge congratulations to our two new Co-Presidents, Niklas Brake and Vino Wijeyasuriyar! We are more than confident that they will do an amazing job. Congratulations to all the wonderful people who ran!