Current Projects

Charter of Student Rights Review

The SSMU VP University Affairs is currently participating on an Ad-Hoc Committee to Review the Charter of Student Rights. Current advocacy priorities include modernizing the language of the Charter; bringing provisions in line with other policies (including the forthcoming Sexual Violence Policy); and strengthening the language around academic accommodations.

Academic Accommodations

The SSMU VP University Affairs is also working with the Office of the Dean of Students (ODoS) to strike a working group on the topic of medical notes and supporting documentation. The intention is to develop recommendations for Faculty-specific improvements to streamline procedures and reduce the documentation requirements for students and Student Services.

Assessment Policy Survey

The SSMU University Affairs Committee (UAC) will be conducting a survey of existing Faculty- and Department- assessment regulations in order to create an inventory of policy gaps. This summary will inform future advocacy efforts to develop more substantive Department and Faculty procedures in collaboration with the McGill Academic Roundtable (MART) and other student associations on campus.

Student Advocacy Toolkit

The UAC will also be developing an accessible toolkit of resources to facilitate student advocacy-at-large. This will include information on university governance structures, background research, policy writing, and more. The final product will be housed on the new University Affairs website.