1. Applications to join the Students in Mind 2016 Mental Health Conference Executive team are now open!
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    Students in Mind (SiM) is an annual student mental health conference at McGill University that engages students in conversation regarding mental health and mental illness. The conference explores issues that have led to the stigmatization of mental illness and barriers that have prevented open communication. Participants also explore the intersection between mental health and a broad range of topics, including community impact, cultural influences, and treatment avenues.

    SiM is a unique mental health conference as discussions are focused to a McGill specific context. As students get caught up in the demands of university life, we often overlook mental health as an integral component of our well-being. SiM seeks to revitalize the importance of actively maintaining a flourishing mental health, providing tools and resources for effective self-care. The conference further explores the necessity of community support and peer accountability, mobilizing participants to become leaders and advocates of mental health support.