SSMU University Affairs is responsible for advocacy projects, policy development, equity initiatives, and the Library Improvement Fund. The Students' Society of McGill University is an independent association representing approximately 22 000 undergraduate and professional students.

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Spring Soon? March 23rd Council Report

Spring is (technically) almost here! We hope that the longer daytime hours are helping you make it through that midterm-paper grind. Just a reminder that we’re currently hiring for a University Affairs Secretary General... Read more

Tags: AVEQ, equity, foster care, hiring, intellectual property, libraries, mental health, provincial representation, Senate, staff, Student Services, students from care
March 20, 2017 | Erin Sobat | Posted in: Team UA

Work for us next year! Job Opportunities & March 9th Council Report

SSMU is hiring for 2017-2018! Work under the University Affairs portfolio or in another area at SSMU. Available positions include University Affairs Secretary General, Equity Commissioner, and much more. The deadline to apply is... Read more

Tags: equity, foster care, hiring, Indigenous Affairs, Indigenous solidarity, mental health, Senate, sexual violence, staff, Student Rights, Student Services, students from care
March 6, 2017 | Erin Sobat | Posted in: Team UA

Fostering Post-Secondary Success: Support Programming for Students from Foster Care

SSMU University Affairs has released a new research report, entitled Fostering Post-Secondary Success: Support Programming for Students from Foster Care. This document examines current issues faced by students from the welfare system and their transition to... Read more

Tags: equity, foster care, research
March 2, 2017 | Erin Sobat | Posted in: Team UA

Fleeting February: Policies, Policies & more Policies

Despite being the shortest month, February sure has been hectic! Reading Week is close, so let’s push through this last week until the break. In the meantime, check out my February 23rd Report to... Read more

Tags: academic accommodation, ancillary fees, equity, foster care, General Assembly, Indigenous Affairs, Indigenous solidarity, Memorandum of Agreement, MoA, Senate, students from care, unpaid internships
February 20, 2017 | Erin Sobat | Posted in: Team UA

Board of Governors, Unpaid Internships & Student Support: February 9th Council Report

SSMU Executive nominations are now open! Find more information on requirements and the nominations process here. Check out our February 9th Report to the Legislative Council to learn more about the busy upcoming month of... Read more

Tags: Board of Governors, elections, equity, Indigenous Affairs, Indigenous solidarity, open access, Senate, Student Services, unpaid internships
February 6, 2017 | Erin Sobat | Posted in: Team UA

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