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UNICEF is the world’s leading child-focused humanitarian and development agency. We save children’s lives and secure their rights in virtually every country, and we work to ensure that all children can grow up safe, healthy and educated. Representing UNICEF on campus, our group aims to raise funds, awareness and advocacy for children’s issues. If you are interested in making a difference, gaining some valuable experience, and meeting new people then join along. Everyone is welcome!

McGill Students for UNICEF is always welcoming new members. You can send us an email at and we’ll add you to our listserv!

You can also meet us during Activities Nights mid-September!


We are pleased to announce our donations summary for the 2015-2016 academic year!

The following amounts were donated to UNICEF Canada Emergency Relief Funds:
$1, 200 to Nepal
$13, 000 to Syria
$2, 200 to Yemen

We would like to thank all the different McGill Clubs/Associations/Groups, the wider McGill and Montreal community, various donors, Chef on Call for their generosity this year! Thank you of course to our incredible exec team and members for all their efforts this year!
As a result of your generosity and kindness, we were able to collect a GRAND TOTAL of $16, 400 for the year!

“Merci du fond du coeur à McGill Students for UNICEF pour la belle visite de ce matin et les fonds pour le ‪#‎Yémen‬! Vos efforts de collecte de fonds sont inspirants et nous espèrons que vous savez que vous sauvez des vies. Au nom des enfants du monde : MERCI!” - UNICEF Québec

Our Goal for the 2016-2017 academic year is to reach at least $12,000 and our donations will go to South Sudan and Yemen

Funny fact, while getting the website up and running I found an old draft saying “We have a goal for our study term of 2013/2014 and that’s to raise $10,000 of funds for UNICEF! We’ve got this beautiful thermometer going and last year we raised $7,177.75!”

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  2. Hello,

    I am in my first year at McGill (although in U1) studying Anthropology and Geography (Urban Systems). I am very interested in working with McGill Students for UNICEF and was wondering what opportunities there were for students wanting to get involved (including volunteering).

    I look forward to hearing from you!


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